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#Free Smartphones Mobile For Andhra Pradesh Students soon the scheme will open to booking in online registration for all the candidates.

Government at a time of urgent .. Free mobile phones in rural areas, free tablet computers to students in bringing forward the scheme. Families in rural areas, free cell phones, free tablet computers to students in public schools to give broad approval to the proposal of the Telecom Commission said on Tuesday.

Rs. 10 billion cost of the scheme to be effective from March, just prior to the general elections scheduled for next year, it plans to add to the information centre. The scheme, which is the highest decision-making that the Telecom Commission telecommunications sector, the department said that most of the items approved.

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And other factors discussed in this regard as soon as possible .. after the proposal was sent to the Cabinet for final approval. Through this scheme, two and a half million families in rural areas, 11 public schools, 12 classes would benefit students studying more than 90 million people said. The scheme official website.

Free mobile phone scheme, the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme was intended for workers. This scheme Rs. 4,840 crore, is expected to cost. The scheme was brought into force in March 2014 after a complete six years. 25 lakh beneficiaries in the first year, second year, 50 million, 75 million in the third year, fourth year, will be distributed to one of the beneficiaries.
@Free Mobile for ap students register apply online
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