Facebook two million others dead declares with Mark Zuckerberg Also


Facebook bug two million being declared dead on their social media, with also CEO Mark Zuckerberg dead.

The popular social networking site Facebook on Friday was a very big error. Batikundagane million users mistakenly declared dead. Statements on the surprising co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the company are also on the list. Zuckerberg also killed on his Facebook profile after Memorial. A very big mistake apologized to customers after. It was the most terrible mistake. The monument is almost twenty million people have profiles on Facebook, media reported.

Facebook immediately responded to the observed error. Said in a statement that the effort to correct the error immediately. Apologizes to users as well. Vyaktancestunnaru action outraged many users of Facebook to Twitter. Twitter hashtags are being  comments are viral.

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