@Facebook Express Wifi in India. how to use internet?

#facebook Express Wifi limited access few websites, Free Basics, full access in India.

Facebook Express provide free WiFi access in India Towns and village Rural Areas order to fulfil the promise of the facebook taken steps to Wi-Fi is available throughout the city in the next two years will bring. Seven hundred and WiFi hotspots will be set up by 2016, he said. So that WiFi will be available in two years, he said. Telecom News Portal set up under the of the "talk show on the telly . June was introduced in the budget would be allocated for this purpose.

What's is facebook express wifi internet:

After the notification for tenders will be released in July, he said. By 2017, up to 600 to 700 in the first stage will be set up Wi-Fi hotspots. The Wi-Fi will be available throughout the city, he said. Shastri has some suggestions for telecom companies. Telecom companies advertising in the form of giving the public free WiFi access  a high income. There are 40 million smartphones in the city, there is the opportunity to use the free WiFi they said.

How to use facebook express wifi internet:

Then their notice Free WiFi access is also likely that many of the people were able to take up opportunities to check corruption, he said, the availability of online services. Meanwhile, e-mail and other websites have  a certain point, he said. Watch movies, will have to pay a fee to get the download Shastri said.

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Facebook Wi-Fi provide access websites Free Basics.
@Facebook Express Wifi in India how to use internet service?
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