AP TDP Free Smart Phone Mobile Apply Online Registration Under Pasupu Kumkuma

Andhra Pradesh Telugu desam party going to planning to give free smartphone mobile to all the poor people which facing of old 500 and 1000 rupees currency banned. Soon the Free Mobile Phone Online Registration by tdp will be given application form or apply online.

Tdp free smartphone registration Considering the issue of the poor who do not have a mobile phone to pay for them in the state, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said. The government wants to ensure access to all of the phone to take digital transactions, the poor thinking on the subject is going to pay for them. He reviewed bankers on Thursday. Sep, MEMA officials, lustre staff, project managers held . December first goal people in financial transaction screens to watch without problems. Dwarka directed the officials to give training to women in the state of mobile banking. This training will be completed by December, 5 thousand people trained, they give the rest of the training. That demonstrates the power of the women in our time, had a chance. Dwarka to be the motto for all the women of the state of mobile banking, encouraging people to money transactions. Manavallu women's very quickly the rest of the state. 90 million women and 70 million bank accounts in Dwarka, the Minister mentioned that 20 per cent of the rupee . 

How to get tdp Free Mobile Phone Online Registration Form 2016:

AP smart phone registration 'Pasupu Kumkuma', which under Rs 3 women are advised to wear RuPay cards. Dwarka members went house to house sensitization drive many to suggest that the mobile banking. Sep, MEPMA departments should set up a control room. Nagadurahita specialised technical teams to promote the appointment of the transaction. As soon as the light of the salaries of the staff asked , actively responding to the current critical time for women who have served. The cancellation of the notes, the subsequent events, mobile banking, online transactions, debit, credit card usage alternatives, the Chief Minister said. 16 per cent to Rs 100 notes are in circulation, and there were Rs 500 notes. Due to the poor, so the purpose of the note of Rs 2  said. Reserve Bank officials this month to 29 in less than Rs 3 crore cash coming into the state, he said. The notes of Rs 60 crore would be small, he said.

Soon tdp free smartphone mobile apply online booking registration application form will be available more details will given in press or media.

AP TDP Free Smart Phone Mobile Apply Online Registration Under Pasupu Kumkuma
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