500rs -1000 rs new 2000 rupees note exchange control room number

500rs -1000 rs new 2000 rupees note exchange control room number: The central government, Rs 500, Rs 1,000 notes to be mindful of the formation of separate control rooms, set up to deal with any  Control Room will be available on Wednesday at 8 pm under the of the Department of Finance. Reserve Bank of India in Mumbai,  Commercial Affairs Department was set up two control rooms. These services are in addition to 24 hours for the first 15 days.

Delhi control room number
011 2309 3230
Control Room phone numbers in Mumbai
022 2260 2201, 022 2260 2944

ATMs will not work for banks to offer customers the services of tomorrow. A side of Rs. 500, Rs. 1,000 notes have been cancelled. Emergency situations and how the money  mind. The government has offered some exception. In the fields of emergency services in some parts of the banks were given the opportunity to be back until the turn of the old notes. From November 9 to November 11, the government said in some places will receive the notes.
Government hospitals, dispensaries receive the notes. But the doctor's prescription is a must.
Trains of the old notes accepted for the purchase of airline tickets.
Government bus stop receives it.
Public Sector companies and the petrol, diesel, CNG, the station serves the notes.
where the funeral will take place at midnight on November 11 to take notes.
Cooperative shops, central bhandagar, ration shops, the  governments, which receive food stores. Register here to be done, but certainly stock.
Foreign passengers at international airports of special counters will be set up to convert the old notes. These notes can be changed up to Rs 5,000.
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