The Latest Twist in the Freedom251 Smart Phone

The Latest Twist in the Freedom251 Smart Phone: Bells will be ringing in the smartphone at Rs .251 ensure  episode was yet another twist. Smart phone priced at Rs .3,600 per thousand of the total supply of the phones have been ringing  IT products, the company said. Bells ringing .251 to Rs roared did not know about the idea of ​​the smartphone vikrayincalanna said.
Bells ringing took to the detriment of their activities, legal action against the company Computers Chairman Sanjeev  said. Cheaper smartphone in the world to ensure that the introduction of the phone ringing of the Bells of Freedom has a price of Rs .251. On the one hand ... on the other side of the phone to continue the dispute, since the end of April to ensure that the ringing of the bells.

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