Celebrities Nude Leaked Photos Found on TheFappening and 4chan Website

Celebrities Nude Leaked Photos Found on TheFappening and 4chan Website: Top Hollywood heroines, female celebrities Gmail, i cloud accounts hacked and their nude photos leak .. there was also a man of his role in the affair, who admitted guilt before a court of law. Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst and others hacked into the accounts of over one hundred celebrities and their nude photos .. In September 2014, the set to put the name on the Internet. Celebrity 4chan shock naked picture scandal to who leaked and also pics shared on Leaked On 4Chan forum.

That his role in this affair somewhat of America, Pennsylvania, pleaded guilty in the District Court of California, a man named Ryan Collins. the celebrity photos on the Internet post, he did not leak, he is not involved in the matter, he told the court. However, he agreed that the word of illegally gaining access to  personalities. Dropping him to 18 months in prison under the charges will be.

Hollywood actress with Apple, Google the name of the emails sent to their username, passwords, he realized. The process of online 'phishing' is. Many of these details have been infiltrated by private e-mail accounts, their naked photos, videos, personal information, he was the leak. Private celebrity photos, personal information leaked to him, he did not have any role in the, the FBI was he serious crime, many private lives court, he said. In the aftermath of these Internet users to strengthen passwords to their personal accounts, to any e-mails asking for personal information FBI indicated to treat high alert.

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