World's Oldest Dress Past 5500 Years Back

World's Oldest Dress Past 5500 Years Back: The world's oldest Up The researchers found. Egypt Garment radio-carbon dating method available in the 5500-year-old revealed  Tarkan up Egypt, known as the Tomb of the garment Found in the first. After the University College of London in 1990 Egyptian in the Museum of Archaeology Peter moved.

However, experts at the University of Oxford from 5100 to 5500 years of carbon dating methods stressed that this dress. Up until now, found in the most ancient linen was tarkan.

This is made up of different types of fibers V (V) in the shape of the neck Is. The sleeve has a pleated folds. Egypt in ancient times The workers, especially for those who live in affluent communities comprised of clothing that they say it is an example of the historians.

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