Tips to Creating a Strong Password as Memorable to Secure Data or Logon

Tips to Creating a Strong Password as Memorable to Secure Data or Logon: Secure password over the Internet and what not to do As in your daily life as increasing importance of Internet and mobile, secure passwords is becoming vital. Your password should each try to protect. Let us show you some of the measures.

Not use the same password for more than one website or otherwise break the lock open all the cabinets Aging same.

Forgetting 123456, 0000, 2468 or do not use passwords like wxyz. Any hacker would first try the same password, and often become too successful.

Wife, children, apartment, and on the favorite football club is also aware that people can avoid making your password.

The longer the password and special characters will have more secure password. Keep it in a couple of upper case characters in the password.

The terms and numbers except if one or two words that will put the password in the second language will be more secure.

Passwords written on paper or stored on the phone or the computer, do not.

If you are writing the password on paper but not any more in the form of a password that only you understand, keep typing.

For instance, you can write upside down or write every second or third character incorrectly, the correct way to read is just you.

If you wish, you can keep your password in online locker.

Last Pass, Splash Id Safe, 1 Password stores such software to encrypt your passwords are safe. You can log on the website, you can let your master password.

As always, your phone without a password cancel anytime. There is so much information about you in your phone, on which anyone can look.

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