The Top 10 Medical Innovations Health Care 2016

The Top 10 Medical Innovations Health Care 2016: The trend is clear: The healthcare costs rise worldwide. The causes are also uncontroversial: the growing world population, coupled with an extended in many countries access to health services for the population, as well as the progressive especially in western industrialized countries, including Japan, but also in China demographic change.

With increasing competition in the healthcare industry, companies come under pressure corresponding to present on the market with innovative technology, increase productivity in the outpatient and inpatient care, save lives and are also affordable. So it is not just about cost-intensive high-end medical technology.

As part of the world's second largest medical trade fair Arab Health in Dubai in late January and the World Government Summit (WGS) in early February, therefore the yearly launched by the renowned US hospital Cleveland Clinic was the same place ten list of medical innovations discussed.

Background was loud WGS-organizer the fact that health spending in the Middle East now amounted to five percent of gross domestic product - and rising. The oil and gas rich countries in the region are affected by a rapid increase of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes mellifluous and stroke and seek enhanced cooperation partners abroad to establish effective medical infrastructures.

Vaccine against Ebola epidemic

The list of Cleveland Clinic performs with regard to the apparently still not quite out standene Ebola crisis in West Africa to the rapid development of effective vaccines in the first place. They should help to prevent such epidemics in the future. The US experts refer to it, d ass has been done already within twelve months a promising vaccine .

Among the top 10 medical innovations for this year can be found in the second place, the genetic tumor profiling. If it succeeds, the hope of researchers to decipher tumor genomes in detail, are cancers diagnosed much more unerringly and can be treated effectively. Base is the coalescence of modern biotechnology and information technologies.

In third place lands the gene cutter, the CRISPR technology (Clustered Regularly inter spaced short palindromic repeats).

With CRISPR researchers can turn genes defective replace correct DNA parts or insert new genetic sequences. So could, as the Cleveland researchers emphasize bad genes are identified and removed on a DNA strand for only $ 30. The journal "Science" magazine named CRISPR recently named top scientific achievement of 2015.

In fourth place followed by the list of the Cleveland Clinic, an innovative but affordable drinking water purification system that can recycle farces prone waste water to drinking water and additionally secure the power supply to the system. The system would cost 1.5 million US dollars and could the drinking water for 100,000 people make daily - effective Hillel given the according to WHO around 700 million people worldwide who have no access to clean drinking water.

In fifth place in the cell-free innovations fetal DNA tests that can identify, for example, cases of isometric 21 better in unborn come to as a standard blood tests and ultrasound examinations in pregnant women.

Hope for protein bio marker analysis

In sixth place followed by a new bio marker platform, which will come this year to the market. Protein bio marker analysis should help to make cancer screening more accurate and the chance to increase early detection. Ranked seven US scientists situate brain-controlled prostheses, wheelchairs or exoskeletons.

Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) could in future help severely paralyzed people greater autonomy also convinced the German Neurological Society (DGN). The under scientists controversial, but in 2015 approved in the United States, first like pill for women, libertarian, it creates eighth of the innovations of the current year.

Ninth reassign sensors for needle less determining parameters such as blood glucose or for detection of pregnancy. In 10th place of the list of the Cleveland Clinic to cerebrovascular stent retriever found for mechanical removal of thrombus from arteries interdependence.

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