The Apple iCar Concept Rumors Overview Features 2016

The Apple iCar Concept Rumors Overview Features 2016: Apple icar features price, release date IPhone, iPad, such as the automobile sector, the company's products to the global tech market, Apple also step  givers? The same is true for any kind of car would fetch on the market? There is currently widespread interest in the topic. battery-operated self-driving cars has made a large-scale plan, such as the development of the car is now in a secret place in the 'Titan', the confidentiality of the investigations held in the name of the project, the project is already about a thousand employees of the company's employees have been working. Apple  campus in Silicon Valley rather than elsewhere, they say I research on cars.

Car electronic products have already created a buzz in competition with the public limited company Tesla Motors to produce electric cars may be the goal, so that the company, employees can view market. Street View cameras fitted to the Apple car still appeared on the streets of California last week, fueling more speculation from the ICAR. Apple designer Sir Jonathan himself supervise the project, ICAR, come to the market to pave the way they revolutionized the automobile industry, according to sources.

apple icar concept video, features, inside interior, price, launching date and on road price.

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To conduct the experiments with self-driving cars such as the need for prior approval of the government, has so far taken only six automobile companies, automobile experts have suggested that such permissions. California-based Apple has recently appeared on the scenes of the making of modern cameras around the car for $ 12, including the self-driving cars, they say there is no need for all the cameras. Google Earth mapping experiments They said that in order to compete with Apple.

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