Telangana Pattadar E-Pass Book Online Status

Telangana Pattadar E-Pass Book Online Status: Soon, CCLA order e-Pass Book to the e-ownership Right for Land administration section farmers in the state electronic (Title DD) passes books, this-Ownership (title deed) documents shall be made available. The last  work section and up to date designs approved by the state government.

Two and a half decades after the appearance of the Bachelor, a new state called Telangana government formed passbooks, title deed falls into the categories of the revenue gained much interest. Currently, about 25 million of the state's nine districts  information. The government stopped the distribution of the newly formed separate state Pass Book another e-Pass Book  farmers waiting for them to apply for the e-Pass Book  The previous government also decided to change drastically.

Pattadar E-Pass Book Application Form - Meeseva

Print orders The government approved the new design (colors, slogan, embalm) in the electronic PassBook, title deed local from the District Commissioner . Bachelor e-Pass Book , Ownership document code, number, Revenue Divisional Officer rdo must be signed by the said order. Pass Book, first to use the water, marked papers, photos pinned to the farmer, after the signing of suggested that the page had lamination download available in MEESEVA.GOV.IN to correction and 

More attractive colors Guidelines on issuance of e-pattadar passbooks ..Book farmer, the goal of the government for the welfare of peasants, the last step on the path of the slogan of the TRS are gold. on the back of a farmer plowing their photos printed in attractive colors. All the books of the same size, form and directed the district collectors to take action to ensure that. Pass Book, title deed on the first page of the farmer's name, address, and other details of land located in the village ...

Confirming the farmer,  mentioned in the book to be signed. .. Details of the farmers at the village vro assistant (VA) to be signed is specifying screamed. Vra rvo VA system, and the system did not change the number of books  were newly designed.

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