Railway budget 2016 Highlights Updates in India

Railway budget 2016 Highlights Updates in India: Union Minister Suresh Prabhu introduced the Railway Budget 2016-17 in the Lok Sabha on Thursday. Hygiene, railway safety, he said overriding cut. Suresh Prabhu said that the railways . He was introduced in the Lok Sabha for the second time in the railway budget.

Railway budget highlights ....

 Passengers, not the transport fare hike
 FM radio broadcasts by trains, public System
 Separate toilets for disabled
 Porter laborer instead of the name
 For mothers of infant children's menu, baby food, baby boards set up

 By food local menu
 Soon the provision of railway tickets bar-coding
 The world's first bio vacuum toilet Rajdhani Express
 This year, the 1600 km route electrification
 The next year, another 2 thousand kilometers electrification proposal

 Kotipalli-narsapuram railway line? Increased formation of
 The coach will remain a reference point Kazipet
 Yadadri the extension Ker
 Care center in Visakhapatnam Railway Zone

 Gang Men? To Rakshak device,
 Bangalore Thiruvananthapuram suburban trains
 Railway stations effort to increase ad revenue
 Railway coach? S consideration of the lease
 Modernization of the Tirupati railway station

 The broad gauge? As the Mizoram-Manipur change alerts
 Demand? Pursuant to trains
 In partnership with the government of the Telangana Hyderabad Metro Development
 Goods train to increase the average speed of 50 kmph
 Train Coalition System
 Second Class blankets, pillows

 Debit, credit card flat? Form to buy tickets Facility
 SC, ST, OBC women contract this-catering
 All the pilgrims connected to the circuit by train
 Auto hub of Chennai to set up the first railway
 Us every consumer brand
 Coach? In the milk for toddlers, Hot

 All communications managers for the customer
 High-speed train between Ahmedabad mumbai, to help Japan
 Parcel business more
 Online booking is also able to
 4 billion in revenue by 2020, the goal of achieving 

 Pilgrimages further modernization of the railway stations
In Mumbai, the construction of two elevated corridors
 Insurance coverage at the time of ticket booking
 408-catering stations

 100 kilometers of Metro works in Kolkata
 EastWest corridor, all the problems
The metro will be completed by the end of June 2018

 Bangalore suburban system .. For this, the state is not properly
This is the city of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala also implement
 Senior Citizen 50 per cent increase in quota
 In addition to the existing 65-berth berth in the thousands? S established

 Railway porter new uniforms, Group Insurance
 Measures to retain the quality of the food
 30 thousand bio-toilets in trains

 On-line from the? In the Railway Recruitment
 Journalists on the line? At Discount
 Foreign credit, debit cards, e-ticket purchase facility

More Saathi service stations in the extension, which is suitable for the elderly
 Available for people who need the railway station Hot
 Bio vacuum toilets will be set up

Nagpur, Vijayawada  Trade Corridor
 The establishment of the University of railway
 Each of the Tyne? 120 for a berth in the elderly? S
 139 service train tickets may be canceled
svach bharat for the stations and trains clean more
 Coach, cleaning of the toilet, there was the possibility of seeking with SMS
 Also take feedback from passengers

 Din Dayal coaches
 Newly AAY express trains for the common man, Din Dayal coaches un-reserved category
 Humsafar 3 AC service
 Tejas Samadhana - will go at the speed of 130 km. The WiFi, Entertainment is also
 Overnight Udaipur Express will introduce double-decker
 Suresh Prabhu to announce a new three types of rail services
 Newly, Tejaswi, over-night double-Decker Express to Udaipur

 Electronic tendering Railway
 By 2020, goods trains timetable
 Text TVs set up in all railway stations
 Non-conditioned coach? In the dust bin

 Senior Citizens to be preferred in the lower berth
 Rs 1300 crore in the power purchase agreement
 Railway University, will start this year
 After the accident I caused so much suffering
 Want to achieve zero accident
 The dangers of modern technology
 Noise pollution reduces the amount of new rail

 40 thousand crore to set up two loco motive industry
 By the time the table is preferable to drive trains
 The rupee had developed at an investment of Rs 5 Activity
 Capital, an increase in Shatabdi trains

 Free Wi-Fi services to 100 stations, 400 stations, the expansion in two years
 This year, the construction of three freight corridors
 9 thousand jobs by 2016-17 fiction
 All stations disposal bed rolls

 This year, 44 new projects and 5,300 kilometers of new
 IVRS system, more than one lakh passengers per day have been getting calls from
 Women, which also serves to protect the health of others.
 Now, the Railway Minister, no different from the general passenger
 2,800 km next year By the construction of new lines
 Kharag Poor-Mumbai, kharag Poor tripling between Vijayawada
 Railways preferred to the use of IT
 We will make the most out of every rupee

 Works of Jammu and Kashmir to speed up the tunnel
 Connectivity to the rest of the country
 Northeast speed railway works
 Three years to complete the pending projects
's Make every citizen proud railway journey
 Railways of the tendering process, paper Les method
 Railways, to increase connectivity between ports

 New projects through PPP mode
 1.21 lakh crore this year's railway budget
 50 per cent next year, railway electrification
 1.87 lakh crore for 2016-17, the target revenue goal
 To improve the services and facilities

 LIC invests 1.50 billion
 We will change this year, with 2800 km of broad gauge track
 We will be at the rate of 7 km per day. It is currently 4.8
 9 million employment
 Reduces the cost of electrification of railway lines
 The average speed of passenger trains to 60 km
 Express speed is 80 km

 By 2020, the long-term desires
 Demand trains
 High-end technology for safety
 An eliminate railway
 The speed of trains

 Self numerous railways
 Charges pencitene income, rather than the search for alternative
 Last year, we had to save Rs .8724 crore
 Railways's make a new
 Revenue deficit this year

 It's time to test the challenges of
 International standards to improve the performance of the railway
 The next year is expected to increase by 10 per cent
 Increase in income

 Modi's vision of the Prime Minister in accordance with the Railway Budget
 It is not the only budget of every citizen ....
 Budget to reflect the hopes of the common people? Evolved
 Development of railway formed the backbone of the railway budget
 Was his speech? Pei bright spoken back when Suresh Prabhu
 Railways to new thinking, new revenues budget

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