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Next Sale of Freedom 251 Mobile Booking Online Buy within 24 Hours: Rs. 251 K smartphone  Noida-based company's mobile phone industry has expressed concern. Union Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad is seeking to extract the case of the Indian Cellular Association  wrote. Despite government subsidies of Rs smartphone. It is impossible to sell at less than 3,500, the background is just Rs. K. 251, is located on the back of the smartphone  extract  asked in his letter. Said there is a lot of controversy with the sale of the mobile. The cheapest mobile phone innovation, the heads of government, senior politicians blame.

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Phone with advanced features "Freedom 251nu Rs. 251 Kay Bales ringing the company had its launch on Wednesday. However, at least to create such a product from the production of mobile phone price of $ 40 (Rs. 2,700) will be, the taxes, fees, distribution costs and retail margin mix .. at least Rs. 4,100 will cost, and how it is Rs. offered to 251 National President Pankaj said in his letter. Cheap price of the Indian mobile handset market on the boom, the industry sources said.

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