LOCATERA Parent App Latest Free Android Apps Download 2016

LOCATERA Parent App Latest Free Android Apps Download 2016: A Complete School Transport Management Locatera - Parent App its a Family Locator for children download in Android Apps on Google Play easily for latest android apps to which main reason mobile number locator app using for friend, children ( son or daughter) locator app on cell phone through gps on samsung, nokia, blackberry, iphone ios also.

Children go to school to get into the house to put some delay, however, that where parents tribe. Whenever the phone is of no use to pass the time after school. Children on the bus is set to be  ever confuse the fall. Children can easily learn how to track down such a fear font want student has found a new app. School bus stuck in traffic ... it was nothing more glitches late Parents need to be afraid.

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Chennai velammal vidyasram fifteen years studying at the School of S.. Arjun ... created a new app. Arjun to an area of Chennai in 2012, at a time when this was a new idea. School Bus delays in the Arjun put into the house to talk to the parents to see a kangaroo. feet and began to put the idea to come to mind. Creating an app, such as the learning android programming began. He went to work as expected, since the technology is there to like. Own loketara (LOCATERA) in the name of a new app. Arjun's father's home on the computer, since the age of two years and indulged in a lot of Arjun. His preference was observed up to the age of the parents came to learn about computer technology.

The Z School Bus Locator (Ez school bus locator) in the name of the app for the first time by Arjun. More details of local schools, along with his school, which is also included. Gradually the students, the parents' details, schools owners, which include details of staff were made available to the loketara as the modified version. Unlike the rest of the app for the app used with some hardware. School Bus in the hardware, install and ... the parents knew the bus was pacing. Ijed School Bus Locator Free version was already deployed in ten countries. India also use this app  estimated Arjun's father Santosh Kumar is expected soon. App made available to the student for each year after the monthly fee charged. The new app is now made available by his school, Arjun, has plans to introduce soon in all schools.

Arjun App is designed to operate simultaneously in the three App. Admin, attendant, parent loketaranu made this app together. Vidyarthulatopatu, school staff, bus driver, who also scan the bar code on their phones when they will be able to know the information. emergency situations, school management, the opportunity to get to know the identity of the driver of the bus is also using this app. Arjun .. MIT app to use programming tool. Learn to code, Google India to take part in the 2015 contest won. App of the Month award and also won the MIT. Which specializes in computer technology Women and Child Development Department of the Government of India for the children, especially the National Child Award for 2014 was given to the ... Everyone in the world will have the opportunity to use their talents to push forward the students to get the most out of it .. referring to Arjun.

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