India Income Tax Updates 2016 for Slab Rates, Deductions and Circulars & Notifications

India Income Tax Updates 2016 for Slab Rates, Deductions and Circulars & Notifications: Rs 2 lakh crore annually due to the tax burden is getting in the vaults, which were phased out by the Revenue Secretary  That said there is a need to be removed. As a measure to ensure equal opportunities in the manufacturing sector, which he described as mandatory. India said that the program successfully. That is, when the budget introduced on February 29, has been preferred to the comments made. Rationalization of taxes,  also focus on the budget. Growth factors, such as the improvement of employment to be the focus of the budget, he said. Rationalizing and reducing the overall tax rate of income tax, taxes paid  more and more people coming forward.

Tax GDP ratio must be raised ...SEZs, export oriented units  lakh crore as indirect taxes, decreasing That is, the Finance Ministry said the YouTube channel. '' Currently, the ratio of taxes to GDP is 10 per cent. Exceptions will retract it. GST force the central and state levels, the level of taxation will remove the problem, '' he said. corporate tax revenue, direct tax collection target of Rs 40,000 crore in the current financial year is expected to be less than that specified, the indirect tax collections are expected to be replaced.

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