How to Turn Off or Disable Block Facebook - Google Adds

How to Turn Off or Disable Block Facebook - Google Adds: To turn off  Disable add–ons in google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, ug browser AdBlock Advertising on mobile phones is a little difficult to avoid. If you choose to use Google Android smartphone tries to show ads according to your interest.

Whenever you have a mobile website, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter or Facebook to try to get there is what you're looking for the same, according to the ads you run.

Once you go to another website to the internet, these ads are following you. Online ad serving company to skip your cookies on your browser, you can keep track of your browsing.

According to the report, if you are looking for a new hotel to stay in town for several days, then you know about ads appear.

Meanwhile, you can have your job back by the city may also have come. If you like, you can say that these websites do not keep track.

The problem is simply that you have to ask for it by going to the website. But once you do, then it will be discharged from trouble forever. Let us show you how they can.

How to Stop Facebook From Using Your Browsing History:

How to disable add-ons/extensions in your browser The largest search engine Google to avoid the sharp eyes, go here. Profiles attached to your email will appear here.

'Adds Based On Your Interest "'ll see. Once the will of him, you will not see ads related to your search.

If you turn it off if Google claims that more than 20 million ad on the website you will be able to escape.

If you shop online then you probably do not advertise on the world's largest online retailer Amazon would like to see.

On this page, go there and 'Do Not Personalize Amazon from Adds to "Choose.

Then your ad will stop it from Amazon, which are according to your browsing habits.

It is not connected to your Amazon account and you will clear the cookies from your browser will remove these settings, too.

For your Android smartphone you can turn off ads that Google Settings app on your smartphone to go to him. After that 'Adds', click.

After that on the screen in front of you will have a choice to 'opt-out of interest-based Adds. Once in it, will change the settings according to your browsing, you will not see advertising on your smartphone.

Similar ads from Facebook if you want to delete the first on your browser then go to this location. Then you must click on Edit.

After that, "Based on my usage of the website and app adds' which is written on the 'off' Choose. Tracking Facebook then you will not show you.

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