How to make dhumdham Chapati Soft Phulka Recipe

How to make dhumdham Chapati Soft Phulka Recipe:

Potato - coriander chapati

Ingredients: Wheat flour - 2 cups; Potatoes - 8; Coriander - a bundle, green chills - 4; Aforesaid - a pinch of salt, ghee - enough

Preparation: in a container, wheat flour, salt, water and flour mix and put chapati.
Cooked, peel the potatoes and put aside midi grind coriander, green chills, clean, rinse, milksop to grind and mix the potato mixture to a bowl, mix the coriander powder, aforesaid and mix well with a pair of small, one would not need to be rolled into balls, rounded to emphasize the need to put the potato mixture. Closing the edges of the dough, heat the pan on the stove a little tension adduce chapatis and chapatis held to emphasize the ghee and fry on both sides to immediately eliminate Let shoots well.

Wheat Bread Pudding

Ingredients: Wheat flour - cup; Sugar - 2 cups; Candy color - pinch (mixed with a little water and put); Cardamom powder - a quarter of the tea spoon; Ghee - enough
 In a role of a cup of water, a quarter cup of flour and mix another bowl of water, sugar and mix well. The character put on the stove, mix with water and sugar to keep  wheat, candy color, cardamom powder, ghee mixture and mix well stove with a large fruit butter, pudding poured , equally as long as they make the cut.

Tomato Cheese Puri

Ingredients wheat - flour cup flour - cup tomato juice - cup - Tea spoon fine cheese - cup salt - is enough

Oil - enough

Add a role in the preparation of the above-mentioned materials, combined with capati dough into balls about half an hour,  smaller and emphasize Puri, oil and fry until golden brown color. Take it onto a paper towel, Vegetable Salad delivered immediately.

Kasmiri chapati

Ingredients: wheat - cup, sompu - half tea spoon; Cumin - half a tea spoon, wain seeds - spoon piece tea; Pepper - 10, - spoon piece tea; Milk - enough, salt - enough; Ghee - a little

Preparation: Before frying sompu, cumin, wain seeds, black pepper, fried without oil, quenching milksop should be dry and grind wheat in a bowl, and held spice powder, , milk, salt, boil enough water, put into the pie pan on the stove to heat the mix flour chapati chapatis to emphasize the need to take a little bit of flour, and fry on both sides of the pie, the eternal need to be shot. Immediately provide any filling.

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