Gorilla Chase Astronaut Tim Peake in International Space Station


Gorilla Chase Astronaut Tim Peake in International Space Station: We know that going to the dogs, but recently also  space gorillas? Yes, says in a video that came to light recently. Recently, the International Space Station apes .. even the astronauts in the chase and drove a gorilla is not  astronaut on the space station that is not paralyzed by the sudden Gorilla .. also put the fear of being struck. Earlier, the gorilla got to the space station? Why astronauts chased? Behind it is the work of another astronaut pranks .. mischievous companion to the idea of ​​space is hidden.

American astronaut Scott Kelly space was completed in the year to come. During the first week of March, he should go back to the land. Before any work on the space station, where a mischievous his fellow friends. .I Turned gorilla roll. Zero Gravity could have had that space station. Gorilla Scott Kelly clutched a white dress floating in the air come out of  British astronaut Tim Peak.

Watch 'Gorilla' chases astronaut Tim Peake around International Space Station – video

He was what is actually gorilla tribe were unable to escape. Video of the event is now Instagram. Scott's brother, Mark, Space Station sent a gorilla suit. He was also the first to post this video. American astronaut Scott Kelly, with space for a long time.

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