E-Buy Vehicle Registration Online Fancy Number in Andhra Pradesh

E-Buy Vehicle Registration Online Fancy Number in Andhra Pradesh: AP, Transport department fancy numbers online selling form Ebuy Andhra Pradesh RTO Vehicle Registration Number Details Reservation Alloction fancy number for a vehicle, visit Andhra Pradesh transport department official website http://www.aptransport.org/. Now you can get a fancy number for your car, bike, scooter easily in online Fancy numbers of vehicles in the state began to work on the mechanism of transport to get to from anywhere on any ... Fancy numbers deduce the preparation of income, depending on the demand. The government is preparing proposals. Currently, the District Transport Office within the Spend the numbers. The ministers and other elected representatives recommendations, fancy numbers may be extracted under pressure  transit authorities millions of rupees minimum prices.

No recommendations from the Department of Transportation to -free number directly to the Commissioner . Visakhapatnam district in March from the date of first registration of new vehicles, the Transit Authority prepares to start. organization entrusted with the responsibility of designing the system. Fancy registrations after the start of the numbers allocated by the policies.
Everything is online mode from the 13 districts of the state registration number of the vehicle in on line from time to time. Fancy coming to a series of numbers, which are on sale in their respective districts. District, local motorists can purchase them regardless. For example, the AP 31 DD 9999 Fancy Visakhapatnam districts of the state, the number of motorists also get to compete. As well as a number of other districts can Visakhapatnam. Registration in the district, regardless of the address to own fancy number.

Registration series:

1. AP 02 Anantapur district
2. AP 03 Chittoor district
3. AP 04 Kadapa district
4. AP 05 East Godavari district
5. AP 07 Guntur district
6. AP 16 Krishna district
7. AP 18 Andhra Pradesh Police (in AP 18-P series alone registered in RTA-Vijayawada
8. AP 21 Kurnool district
9. AP 26 Nellore district
10. AP 27 Prakasam district
11. AP 30 Srikakulam district
12. AP 31 Visakhapatnam district
13. AP 35 Vizianagaram district
14. AP 37 West Godavari district

In recent years, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Nellore, Tirupati, Guntur cities, has greatly increased the demand for fancy numbers. Fancy numbers are paying millions of rupees in a sealed tender process. District wise to get more revenue, rather than the means to compete with the state Department of Transportation officials thought. The new policy is expected to be announced soon. While popular fancy numbers, the minimum price of Rs 50 thousand to Rs one lakh from the referendum on whether the commissioner had said.

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