Drinking Four or More Cups of Coffee to Cure Cancer

Drinking Four or More Cups of Coffee to Cure Cancer: Drinking four or more cups of coffee a day reduce  colon cancer. The latest study also revealed that coffee can prevent the occurrence of this cancer. Infected patients with colon cancer is the third stage of the disease and reduce the disease Dana Cancer Institute in Boston, researchers found that the use of coffee. Day, two, three cups of coffee they drink is going to be a good advantage.

Treatment for Cancer:

"In the third stage of the disease in the infected patients undergoing surgery or chemotherapy, four or more cups of coffee (about 460 grams Caffeine mm) is good for drinking. As much as 42 percent of coffee drinkers compared to t they escaped from the disease. Less than 33 per cent of the patients have died. " Charles said the researcher. The study of more than one thousand patients, and the results are almost said. There is no chance of the cancer coming back by drinking coffee, may also recover quickly, he said.

London: hereditary risk of cancer due to the use of aspirin, the risk of overweight, according to the latest survey from the Will benefit in the long term use of aspirin, researchers said in England.

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