Credit Card, Debit Card Charges Fees Cashless Soon

Credit Card, Debit Card Charges Fees Cashless Soon: Support the proposal approved by the Center for Digital payments Surcharge debit and credit cards, or swipe transactions,  online banking internet is no longer, Service charges, convenience fees. As well as digital media card or pay amounts that exceed a certain limit will be mandatory. The Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that the proposal passed. Financial transaction involves cash payments, to reduce the government's decision to promote digital card transactions, an official statement said. To reduce tax evasion cases, remittance earnings Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) or mobile banking..  

Policy prohibits the mass transition service charge on credit card overseas transactions , the government has used to. On the other hand, with respect to the 2016- 17 season jute price increased by 18.5 per cent to Rs Visa, Mastero, Master, American Express etc... The Cabinet has also approved the proposal to add to the 3,200. It is currently Rs. Is 2,700. In fact, it is Rs. Ministry of Textiles has sought to increase to 3,650 service charge on credit card payment with the banks like sbi, icici, hdfc, axis etc...

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