Aishwarya Rai do the Cooking and Washing Dishes, Sweeping the Floor

Aishwarya Rai do the Cooking and Washing Dishes, Sweeping the Floor: Miss World Aishwarya Rai, the vibrant beauty of life is exclusively. However, it asked the cooks to get cooked, leg .. It is revealed that the driver of the car to take are the servants of the people. Up to the middle of a plain woman such, balls off the floor, cooking, and he, along with the devotees sit on the floor and have a meal, the topic was to wash the dishes. This is the Golden Temple in Amritsar Aishwarya did.
Aishwarya intermittent routinely goes wounds. But, such is not always the service. Now the 'Rahul' for the film. Maggie Pakistan jail, Sarabjit Singh's life ended their lives in Punjabi farmer Kumar, the film is being based. Dalbir Kaur, sister in the movie is Aishwarya. Amritsar Golden Aishwarya serving a recently filmed scenes.
She was part of sweeping the floor, cooking, and devotees have a meal together, washed dishes. Yet for all the film Aishwarya  say, Did that really reverence said the shooting. Siblings living in the country illegally but suffering  eyes visible. Aishwarya is the character of the pain in his eyes now look great on the screen said.

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