Facebook.com New Sharing and Like Features for Nearby Friends

Facebook.com New Sharing and Like Features for Nearby Friends: What's New on Facebook 2016 year Social media giant Facebook .. offers users a new opportunity. Will introduce a new feature for users on their events. .. In the course of their rides (rides), allowing the sharing. Ride-sharing concept are already in many forms such as platforms, Facebook also started to roll this option on the event. The possibility of a cab ride in the same way Facebook Share goers allowed.

Facebook event page patent application store Nearby Friends helps you discover which friends are nearby or on the go... Tam advised to take the more interesting projects. Ride-sharing center on the event, says it will double. Facebook event page so that this can go to the 'Going' is made up of the feature. It adds two sub-lists. "Going and driving '' Going but not driving 'with the application of these options provides users with the opportunity to share the ride. Going to the three options already in place in some countries, people are not going to be more interested.

New Facebook Updates Features in 2016:

Travelers to share their interest in the Face book allows the rides. On the eve of Christmas in the United States with the introduction of this new opportunity for Facebook users already used by Messenger. In the pre-messenger to chat with their friends, and this new effort by the Book of the cab were deployed.

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