Subramanyam for Sale Movie Review Rating 3/5

Subramanyam for Sale Movie Review Rating 3/5:

Banner: Sri Venkateswara Creations

Cast: sayidharam Tej, Regina, Ada Sharma, tejasvi, Jhansi, Suman, this is happening, Naresh, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Randhir, Ajay, Rao Ramesh, Brahmi, Fish Venkat, drunkard Ramesh, Prabhas Srinu and others

Cinematography: siramprasad

Music: Mickey jemeyar

Editing: Gowtham Raju

Screenplay: Reddy and Satish vegesna, garden Prasad

Co-producers: Sirish, Lakshman

Producer: King

Story-Dialogues-Direction: S. Harish Shankar.

Release date: 24.09.2015

The third movie starring sayidharam Tej's debut of Mega Family 'Subramanyam for sale'. The release of the first film, "Pilla nuvvuleni jivitham," the image of the popular was hit. As well as Pawan Kalyan 'gabbarsing' blockbuster hit film Harish Shankar as 'Ramaiah Vasthavayya' criticism of the image was taken. To come up with the combination of the two, "Subramanyam for sale," the extent to which the film impressed the audience with Sai Dharam Tej .. Let's see whether the review ..

The story: the bride to be getting married in a few hours, Sita (Regina) ran out of the house, the movie will start wanting to get married. Pedanana the death of her parents as a child, Sita Sita reddappa (Suman), she sees well-being. Reddappaku, rice Bujji (Rao Ramesh) are the old days. Sita was married to jump out of the train ticket to get to know her, to pull reddappanu too Bujji sends rice. After the boy that he loved Sita (Randhir) is forced to marry in America. Subramanyam  has been in the United States , radio jockey, chili, cook, restaurant  As a part-time job. Shooting dollar for every minute of life which frequent. Subramanyam  also prepared to sell himself for it. I love it when he finds out that Sita  this fraud. Dollars pockets u will be plenty of time to enter .. Sita Subramanyam  Life. Sitaki betrayed at the hands of the family of the boy who had to relinquish his works in the restaurant, along with Subramanyam  Shelter gets the job. A contact that turns into love. NRI America waiter (happening) Best Couple Contest, conducting, gives a gift to the winner of 25 thousand dollars, Subramanyam know, Sita is  Participate in the Enfield: Win. Win 25 thousand dollars. At the same time, sister Sita line  to marry. The wedding will go for the native land lies. Subramanyam  take him. There Bujji rice, Govind Goud (Ajay) will be entered. Between the two, even though the relationship Subramanyam  in their common target. Goud Govind his sister Durga (saves Sharma) to Subramanyam  wedding. And what happened from there.? Sitaki What is the problem.? Godavenduku between the original Subramanyam  bujji rice ..? Why not give it to his sister married  Subramanyam  Goud Govind why the rest of the story ...

Cast performance:
The film starred a good  Tag. Scattered Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan imitated. Subramaniam has the right to the title character justification was. Akattukunela the audience has a good energy. Emotional, romantic scenes, it also showed his talent. Brahmanandam divided comedy with punch dialogues. Regina, as well as compared to the previous films in the film more appealing. Regina, who plays the role of Sita .. his innocence, as it is important also to touch. Especially Sai, Regina well on screen chemistry between. Rao Ramesh, a typical style of his own, came once again. After several days of bliss jammed his mark on the comedy. Suman, this is happening, Ajay, Jhansi have done justice to their roles.

Performance of technical experts:
The film's cinematography is very good siramprasad. The new locations in the US to add to the policy. The  Mickey J. Meyer's music is simply superb. Gautam ceppakkarlaledu about editing the king. Ramakrishna was very nice art work. It was super sets. Venkat Ram - Lakshman composed by the masters of the action scenes sayidharam langvejki Tej body suit. Harish Shankar comes to the story, dialogues and direction are made to deal with all of the branches. Harish every character in the film was well-designed. Best Performance trace is performed from the hard work of the cast. In the case of the construction of any kind would Dil Raju has not been compromised.

The film marks the director of the old one, but changes in the article. Although this article is written with the three .At the first half, the second half was more Tej, Regina highlight was the film along with the characters of the film's second half. Regular family entartainare audiences, but the film was funny some emotional scenes, however, some comedy, romantic scenes Chiranjeevi appeared to dance a bit odd, however, impressed by its style. The sentiment was the climax of the film  Sai success. However, "Subramanyam for sale" along with a picture of the actor in the film, the film has evolved  Teg is a stair climbing.

Rating: 3/5