Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Death Mystery Secret Files

Netaji declassified papers and files:

Give your blood. I will give you the independence of individual articles that call. Does he know about the interest of every Indian. Many acknowledge that he  accident. Meanwhile, some of the recently revealed documents relating to Netaji the Government of India. The desire to know what is in those documents that have led to the lot. According to various sources, the papers are some of the items ...
If the fight does not give freedom, but a man who believed strongly articles. For the Indian National Army continued to struggle to establish its own. Travelled to many countries around the world, to gain support. At the same time exceptionally themselves. He died in a plane crash way to acknowledge it to the fans. In this context, the Government of India Netaji revealed the relevant documents.

Bose, the Indian National Army had 45 thousand troops. However, the number. No one knows the exact number. The army was recruited from different places in South-east Asia. In particular, Singapore, Burma, were recruited from areas more. There were two groups. A former British army a group, the second group of volunteers with no skill. Took part in the Indian National Army during World War II. Approximately 26 thousand people were killed in the army in this war.

In fact, Captain Mohan Singh of the Indian National Army, formed in 1942. Some of the soldiers of the British Indian Army in the war  the hands of the Japanese army.have been established with them. However, in 1943, he returned to Japan from Germany to remodel articles. The soldiers of the former British India, thousands of people have been strengthened by the Indian Army. The army, military weapons used in the war, mostly in Japan. Germany is also occasionally used as weapons.  Japanese Army training provided to soldiers. After the articles in Malaya, Burma, Japan started training schools. Netaji the original concept of the war do not have any expertise.

Articles dealt with the commander-in-chief. Colonel Prem were most closely related articles. Shah Nawaz Khan, Colonel Dhillon, were led by Colonel  Singh. Captain woman who was chief of the regiment. Bose was declared a parallel government. He is the Prime Minister. Dhillon, Khan said the Cabinet ranks.

Burma is a result of the lack of appropriate Strategies, Kohima, Imphal  war was a setback. Aiene According to some historians, but only to enter the territory of India is known as Bose told Japan.

Some believers are to be reached through the power of the military  Bose, one of them British. Were radical flank, where he led the Indian National. Twice served as president of the Congress party. Gandhi, who resigned under pressure from the Congress to come out and formed the Forward Bloc. He heard about the popularity of Hitler gave his fight against the German submarine  offer. After  Bose, Sumatra islands held by Japan went from there.  reconstructed with the help of Japan.

Soldiers, senior officers from independence until  jobs, employment petitions were for the leaders of the Congress. Nehru decided to give Rs 50 each of them pensioners. Congress was expected to take the money from the fund. The increased pressure from the workers. Giving the objections of the British government decided to abandon the idea.

Nehru was the prime minister, his government took senior  cheerleaders. One of such leaders, where she played a key role in days. Ironically, she had been coming to India from Singapore. March 4, 1946, Lakshmi  on the Air Force plane landed at Manila. Intelligence officials talked to escort a military colonel went to the passport office. There was a lot of conversation with her about the Indian press was lying . They sent me some photos may not be published, she said. He urged the Indian authorities to keep the matter confidential. she was in uniform at the time. And stick a knife in his hand  is. It was seized by customs officials. Jaihind time to salute those that have slogans.