How to Make New Tasty Noodles Recipe Prepare Easily at Home

Pad Thai Noodles, Veg Chinese Samosa, Toast bread Noodle, Noodles Spring Rolls:

Prepare yourself noodles in home in chicken, egg, veg, fried styles. noodles .. .. .. note saying that I know the name of the furious that no matter  ..  separate the noodles. To boost the minds of everyone, regardless of age, children are more likely to persuade the noodles. Apart from the four types of the same variety, is never so good, why is it .. The variety of dishes for you ...

Pad Thai noodles:

Steamed Vegetable noodles - two cups
Boiled carrot
Onion - one of the (chopped)
Green - one of the (thinly sliced)
Maidapindi - two teaspoons
Garam masala
Chat Masala
Chopped cilantro - two tablespoon
oil a tablespoon, salt enough.

A bowl of noodles, carrots, peas, onions, chilli, spice, coriander, mix the flour and softened. It can be used to get a little chilli. Gare and pressed the dough into small balls. Pancake pans, oil painting, which is baked until it turns both sides. Patty tomato sas the noodles eaten hot chutney or relish Palli.

Chinese noodles recipe Veg Chinese Samosa

Chinese samosa
Maida pindi a cup,
Two tablespoon of Ghee
Oil enough vegincadaniki
Noodles a cup,
Mushrooms two (thinly sliced)
Carrot - Half Cup (thinly sliced)
Peas Pulav - a sppon
Chilli, pepper, Heaven per sppon
Chopped cilantro - two tablespoons
Soyas, ginger paste per sppon
Green - one, uppu enough

Maidapindi In a large bowl, butter, salt, rick capita and add to the flour mixed with water and stripped oil in another bowl, green, pea, carrot and fry for two minutes . After the mushrooms, salt, chili powder, pepper, soyasas, lemon juice and mix. After a minute noodles, cilantro and will stapling well together. Including pre-pellets and flour to make chapatis. Samosala it should be put stapling them from venturing out. If the oil until brown  in Chinese samosa ready ....

Toast bread Noodle

Five Sliced ​​Bread
Carrot, onion (chopped) - each
Two tablespoon of cabbage 
Baby karn two (thinly sliced)
Noodles a cup, Green Chilly three
Two cups of processed cij
Chat masala two teaspoons
Oil, Salt enough
Pepper enough

Noodles, cook combined. The cooked pieces of spicy stir for a few minutes and then stop  stove. a little cheese on it and put a little bit of a mixture of noodles, chilli, tomato slices, and fry in the oven to keep malli a little cheese. Cheese should be heated until it turns brown.  it is still hot hot meal.

Noodles Spring Rolls

Deep fry enough oil.
Onions, green onions (chopped) - per half cup)
Beans, cabbage, carrot (tarigi one and a half cups)
Noodles boiled half cup
Two tablespoons of soy SASS
Maidapindi a cup, enough to salt

Heat the oil in a bowl and two and onions, add the vegetables. They enlivened the noodles, soy sauce, salt and fry for two minutes revealing. Mix the onion leaf down to the stove. Maidapindi set aside to do it with a little salt, mix the flour and the water poured capita to pellets. Stapling of the flour  and wrap the rolls. Deep fry in oil, after which the two pieces are eat chili sauce.