Check Dengue Symptoms before to get the Treatment Vaccine

The diagnosis of dengue in the house:

Dengue disease in the wake of the news, no matter a medical examination centres has increased the number of runners. This is a small test order, health department officials said the house could be diagnosed with dengue. It is going to be useful for the basic level of the disease symptoms. Due to the early stage of the disease is diagnosed positive in this test .. are fit to take on more. Test deal with BP to see this test .. Doctors said the procedure will be similar. 

Mostly what is the name of the virus that causes dengue fever?

How is dengue fever caused?

Dengue fever vaccine

The kit strap pinned to the shoulder area, as well as to keep it for a few minutes, he said. Red spots were counted in the area, said the band is removed. The number is higher than 20 pay dearly for dengue diagnosis is positive, he said. However, they made it clear that this test was intended for shrinking. The problem revolves around the hospitals. The World Health Organization said the test also identified.