Apple iphone and ipad series features and its specifications

Ipad Mini 4, Ipad Pro, Iphone 6, Iphone 6+, Iphone 7 smartphones specification and Features with Price Release date.

The design of the new device, Apple failed to introduce new features in the top. Recently iphone 6. 6 S Plus, iPod Pro, Apple released the iPod mini tablet. The added features of the iPhone and other phones that have already been made articles. Apple pencil the mind of consumers. These are the features ... Now you can buy apple iphone 6, 6+ and 6s or apple ipad mini, ipad pro in flipkart, snapdeal, ebay and amazon shopping website with discount or cash back coupons price.

Apple pencil
Watercolour paintings, blueprints, drafting, sketching ... instrumental as it used to. Instrumental Variety offers the same tools. a bit thick pencil lines indefinitely. As well as the angle of your hand can also be found on the pencil. If the shading effects and holding the pencil and put a little bow. Charging can be directly put. Despite the half-hour of charging the battery is charged up to 15 seconds. In order to become a full charge takes 12 hours.

IPod Mini 4
IPod Mini model, which expired on 3 to upgrade. Display, Quality, all the same processor. But 30 per cent of the work faster. 18 per cent lighter. Grey, Gold, Space Grey Colours available. 16, 64, there are 128 GB models.

IPod Pro
Apple released the iPod, which is the biggest. As professionals in the computing device works. The 12.9-inch screen, 2739, 2048-pixel resolution, a smart keyboard, 10-hour battery life, such as a 9 x processor. A further attraction of the iPod, and Apple's newly-introduced as the pencil. Another feature is that which does not support multitasking with split-screen view. That parallel can be found in the Apps. Sound audio system with four speakers as automatic balance. 32 GB, 128 GB, 128 GB model with types are available. Not the 64 GB model.

3-D touch
The 3-D touch feature Apple announced that iphon 6 miracle. But other phones already have this feature. This feature has been available for more than iphon 6 other device. The same technology used by Apple 12-inch MacBook. Apple is watch. Multi-Level-touch feature similar technology, used BlackBerry the company's New Product 'Matt S' smartphone introduced a similar feature. A few days before the release of Apple's iPhone was the smartphone market.

Live photo
The trick to hide the camera on the iPhone, even in the past. Prior to shutter key, after giving a live photo capture Picture and animated feature had long since phones. A similar feature in Microsoft lyumiya phones 'Living Image' in the name is available.

4 K video recording
The latest release, Apple said the iPhone 4 K will support video recording. 4 K is a video recording of the movie quality video recording. 384, 2160-pixel video can be visualized. IPhone 6 S, Apple announced that the iPhone 6 S plus for the first time to have this feature. However, this technology may be new, but 4 K-enabled Android phones with cameras are already on the market. Sony Xperia z3, LG G 3 phones that support this feature.

Playback Zoom
Another feature of Apple's announcement playback zoom. Play the video and can be viewed by looking at the objects, zoom is available with this feature. However, most Android phones already have this feature. Samsung Galaxy phones, a long-time is available. This feature is also supported by some video apps.

Retina flash
Apple's latest iPhone has a 5-mega pixel front-facing camera. But not the convenience of the front flash. It is difficult to take sulphite the dark. For this purpose, a feature Apple introduced retina flash. Brighter sulphite three times to take the time to look at the dark screen becomes automatic. Flash works like this. However, this idea is not even original. Flash-like apps can do the same in front. Maximum screen brightness increase  at the time. Apple claims the new feature, the same principle.

The old iPhone, Apple Siri 'voice assistant "voice command works when connected to the charger. Now the latest iPhone 'Hey Siri' by saying that can be activated. A similar feature, however, is the most Android phones. Now Google Assistant, Microsoft has  court assistant. Hey court command can be activated by the court.

Aerospace Industry-grade
The latest release of the new 7000 series aluminium material made from iPhones. Apple says that the same material is used intrasectoral engrosser. No iPhone was not using in the preparation of such a solid alloy. Apple only said that the company made smartphones. But the same aerospace-grade Samsung Galaxy es6, manufactured by Nokia's flagship Galaxy es6 edge.

Apple is  sensations from time to time. IPod music device proved to be the turning point of history. The iPhone changed phones threw mechanics. After the history and opened the door for iPad and tablet PCs. In November, the release of a new iPod is doing now. Typically, the size of the iPad screen is 9.7 inches. But now  the release of the iPad Pro. The screen size of 12.9 inches.  almost a lap top! In addition to the over - it could  a keyboard on the touch screen of the Apple pencil drawing is released. The iPod Pro would create any sensations and more!