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As per the Gold Rate was down soon by the share market and the 22ct and 24ct gold rate was given. Who are the looking to buy the gold they can check the daily gold rates and cost per gram here as the current gold price.

If the market price of gold and Rs 27,000, again skidded down the country. New Delhi market on Saturday, 99.9 per cent purity fell by Rs 260 per 10 grams, the price of gold reached Rs 26.990. A significant decline of 99.5 per cent purity gold stood at 26.840. The market price of gold rose by Rs 740 to three days. The price of silver declined by Rs 585 to Rs 35.915 kg of gold fell indicated. Barmaid markets in Mumbai did not work on Friday. Saturday, ten grams of the market (99.9 per cent purity) gold price rose by Rs 190 to Rs 26.755 reached. The price of silver rose by Rs 510 to Rs 36.210 per kg crashes. 
The market gained momentum in the wake of the festive season purchases. However, in the international market, gold and silver prices. Friday, the New York market, the price of an ounce of gold rose 0.7 per cent to $ 1,145.60 million. As well as a 0.1 per cent decline in the price of an ounce of silver rose to $ 15.11.