APLands Adangals and FMB Details in Online at www.meebhumi.ap.gov.in

AP Land Records of Adangals, FMB, Tippan, Pahani, ROR: Comprehensive details of the lands of the 'meebhumi' web portal, the Android application (app) to the Secretariat of the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu on Friday. Department of Revenue limited to officers 'meebhumi' portal is now available to the people. You must log in to www.meebhumi.ap.gov.in. AP Meebhoomi online land details in MeeSeva or sub-registrar office giving online Web-land information for land registration Mee bhoomi APLands Adangals and FMB details. As soon telangana sate also announced the TSLands Adangals and FMB Details website soon.

Hikes the government has to reconsider the value of the land. facing a hike in the wake of the decision to withdraw the registration fee is decreasing. The district slowdown in the real estate division of the state. Its location on the outskirts of the impact is particularly sharply. Documents related to the plot, are only just. The number of registrations fell compared to last year this time. From January 2013 epril .698.31 crore to Rs 1,02,714 .. got the registration documents.

Registration documents for the same period this year 62.106 million, while revenue .. only got Rs .425.05. Parliament approved the bill on Telangana sentiment  its effect. However, the prices of land, usually in August, the government Editing each. This time, the diet has also completed the exercise. Cosmo kusto real boom in the 15 to 20 per cent, so that augments the value of the proposals made by the District Registration Department.
APLands Adangals and FMB Details in Online at www.meebhumi.ap.gov.in

Without getting into remote areas to raise prices came to the decision to increase the minimum value. Register of documents related to the plot, especially in places that are more likely to modify the prices in these areas, the district administration did not think to some extent.

The government recently took the decision to close to the joint committee headed by collectors. However, after the division of the state  amid the stalemate, the government seems to have come to the concept of reserved land values ​​to increase. beneficial to the notion that the market is getting augments  registration charges. Registration department has said the same thing. This might not be the workflow is that the value of the land.