AP, TS Vote for Note News and Updates Live

AP and TS Political News Updates: Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, another 48 hours in the case of phone tapping sensations in the TDP MLA DAYAKAR Reddy said. In this case, an IAS, including two IPS officers, who are at the center of a, another leader of the same level ... for the arrest of a total of five to the sector. Yesterday, he told reporters in. to put before the court had been tapping affair. Book is not the case, also would send to prison.

On the other hand, Andhra Pradesh phone tapping cases increased aggression. TRS Chief KCR registered decided to set up the SIT probe. AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, other phone tapping Many police station in Vijayawada on In was registered. The authorities have stepped up the investigation.

ACB investigation reached a critical stage in the vote coats 'country' trains leaders heartburn. Sandra TDP MLA Venkata Veeraiah, MLC elections, TDP candidate received warrants from the court to the arrest of the  information bit with the arrival of the party leaders.

Another 20 people are believed to starring in the matter from going to leave the country to serve as a lookout notices to ACB. The official notices will be issued on Wednesday. Seized under section 160 of the CrPC notices will be issued to the trial phase. In addition to the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, whom sujana Choudhary, Rajya Sabha member CM Ramesh, , a former MP and MLA, four former legislators, seems to be the leaders of the other country.

Esibi the TDP leaders to whom the notice out and whose names are concerned. At any point,  information likely to notice.

News quotes the case to the vote tomorrow in the camp bosses. TDP MLA Venkata, TDP MLC candidate for election on Tuesday night, the CrPC and Section 160 of the  issue notices ACB under the 'green' fleet has been distracted.

In this case, along with the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu sujana Choudhary, Rajya Sabha member CM Ramesh, , a former MP and MLA ERRABELLI, four former legislators and other leaders of the country's ACB to have been issued in the wake of the news cycle at the party tomorrow. Asked Chief Ramesh responded with its own style. "Do not vote, do not Cash" he said.

He retired Director General of Police back police in Hyderabad, AP. Andhra Pradesh Wednesday pulled out of the 400 police DGP. Two days ago, more than 400 police officers from the districts of AP was moved to Hyderabad. AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu note of the vote after the incident, decided to set up security at the residences of other ministers.

The Hyderabad the AP police, the deployment of the Constitution, the Governor ESL Narasimhan T DGP Sharma yesterday To the complaint was made. He also met with the governor on Tuesday, the AP DGP. Director General of Police after the police have been recalled. It seems them back. Telangana state is responsible for the protection of viaipila polisuladenani, which is not possible in other words Sharma said yesterday. Hyderabad In the AP Chief Minister, the ministers, as far as security arrangements are ongoing.