New Two LIC Child plan Money Back Plan and Single Premium Plan

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) Jeevan Sangam, Children's Money Back launched two new schemes. Sangam Jeevan .. It is a non-linked, single premium single premium plan is available under the terms of those under the age of 6-50. Children's Money Back children under the age of 12. Children's education and other purposes, which is intended for the non-Linked  Money Back switch.

Three risk the lives of children, as the policy period. Periodic payments are made after the completion of the prescribed time. If you do not have to pay premiums on the policy after the death of the parents at the time lic of india online payment.

A life insurance company close relatives among all sections of the people, the lic online payment  Khan performing arts venue in the city, he spoke of the celebration of the end of the insurance.

lic india life insurance company close relatives among all sections of the people  lic of india performing arts venue in the city on Sunday held a celebration of the end of the insurance. The chief guest who attended the LIC policy-side portion of the life of the people strongly believe. The company is also helpful in the number of public employees pension. The company said the senior divisional manager lic online reunion organized by the social service programs, he said.

Lic home loan Marketing Manager  the emergence of the company, explained about the reign.  momentum. Week in honor of those who served in various sectors privileged by the students won several competitions, prizes were given to employees.  programs carried out in the songs. LIC program, employees, family members, agents and others attended.

Life Insurance Corporation of India, would be more widely through the Services Division, LIC office on Monday began anniversaries. company secretary of the district started the program.

Divisional Manager, LIC, said at a press conference after the  week to celebrate the launch of 'Jeevan sagun' said the opening of the new policy. The eight-year-old and 45-year-old policy that they will have the opportunity to join. The policy will have a duration of 12 years.

It offers a single premium to be paid in cash. Sum of at least Rs. 60, there is no limit to the maximum insurable. This policy will be up to 12 years, 10 times in addition to the premium paid to the policyholder said. Above Division in 2013-14, was ranked 2nd in the South Central zone.

Was held under the auspices of the Office of the Division of various service programs. For this purpose, Rs. The allocation of 25 million, he said. Maturity claim a life insurance company, explained that he had been at the forefront of Death to pay claims. 6 LIC insurance week will be held till the end of the program, said macili Patnam of what happens.  marketing managers, sales managers.