Union Budget 2015-16 Highlights in India Budget Details

The 2015-16 financial year, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Saturday, the regular budget was introduced in the Lok Sabha. Great hopes of all kinds of people in this budget. Especially the middle class, employees, industrial sources for the curious looking forward to the budget proposals. Modi-led NDA government in the budget for the second time, Arun themselves, raise the income tax cuts, subsidies to bring amendments also increased.
Union Finance Minister Lok Sabha on the Union Budget Introduced. Highlights of the Budget for the 2015-16 fiscal year are as follows ..
India to volunteer tax-exempt funds provided to
Health Insurance Limit to raise Rs 25 thousand
.. Shoes, leather goods cheaper prices tax deductions on
Cigarette prices rise
Service tax is a 14 per cent increase in the
Transport allowance of up to 1600 under the exemption
Health insurance premiums tax-increment .. 15 thousand to 25 thousand
Senior citizens, which is an increase of 10 thousand to 30 thousand
Up to 30 thousand people over the age of 80 are exempt from tax on medical bills
In addition to the 20 thousand tax-deductible for the disabled
The pension fund 1.5 million, an increase from 1 million to the payment of subsidy
assets whip
The abolition of the wealth tax
Longer than 2 per cent of the additional tax revenue of Rs one crore
Black bill in this session
Changes in the money laundering laws
Technical services tax of 15 per cent reduction
over Rs one thousand six per cent of the tariff
Upon hearing of the Income Tax
Clean energy less on coal, an increase from 100 to 200
Wealth tax of 2 per cent of the extra Sir charges
PAN number is mandatory for every transaction over Rs one lakh
Rs .4,173 crore for water resources
crore to Rs .22,407
The new law to combat black money
Foreign assets are given a seven-year prison sentence
Five lakh villages in India as part of the Digital WiFi facility
Backward states to help
Employment creation of the National Skill Mission
Sentenced to ten years in prison for tax evasion by the increment
Union Budget crore to Rs .17,77,477
Plan expenditure of Rs crore .13,12,200
Plan expenditure of Rs .4,65,000
Education sector, Rs .68,960 million
Sisu welfare of women crore to Rs .10,500
Rs medicine. 3,31,500 crore
.2,46,727 Crore to Rs protection
A reduction in the corporate tax from 30 to 25 per cent. This discount applies for four years.
The formation of Andhra IIM
Solar electric vehicles to Rs 70 crore
Andhra Pradesh is the first state in India to digital
AP fulfill the promises of the law of separation of Telangana
Bihar, West Bengal In addition to the financial aid of the AP
Prime Minister vidyalaksmi scheme for higher education
Hyderabad tombs in To secure funding
SC welfare schemes and Rs 30 crore
Gold Loan Scheme to replace the Gold Magnetization Scheme
Fund courageous To a thousand coats
Visa on Arrival Scheme 150 countries
Ashoka Chakra seal gold coins
Micro Finance Bank of Rs 20 crore to the seal.
Enjien regaku Rs 5 crore
Ultra Mega Power Lakh crore to.
In addition to the employment guarantee scheme, Rs 5 crore
4 of 5 MW capacity mega power plants.
Welfare Fund for Senior Citizens.
Rural employment guarantee scheme, Rs 34 crore
target of Rs .8.5 crore farm loans.
Micro Finance Bank of Rs 20 crore to the seal.
25 thousand crore
With 330 per casualty insurance
Thousand crore for self-employment programs
Pension Yojana continue
Contributed to the creation of the Unified National Agricultural Market
150 crore for setting up IT Hub
300 crore care
Child Development 1500 crore investment
70 thousand crore for infrastructure
Source thousand crore fund for start up companies
Small-scale irrigation projects crore to Rs .5300
Easing of the gas subsidy for the highest earners.
Rs 25 crore for rural development.
80 thousand schools modernization
take measures to prevent the growth of 6 per cent
India A hub for the manufacturing sector Would be
62 percent of the taxes and give money to the states
Jan Dhan Yojana, the poor, the middle class by the insurance
Continue to be Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.
Action will be taken not to exceed 6 per cent inflation.
waive gas subsidies.
There needs to be a rationalization of subsidies.
Insurance premium of Rs 12 to Rs 2 lakh per annul.
Distressed investments, withdrawal of governmental agencies
Minimize the deficit to 3 percent in three years.
We will ensure that every family to have jobs, one of
India's manufacturing sector grew by Social power
Catskill India to make India a more substantial ..
Give loans to agriculture in 2015-16 to 8.5 million
Scholarship, the LPG subsidy directly.
11.5 million people  LPG.
Between 2015-16, an increase of 8.5 per cent economic growth of 8
Employment opportunities for the youth
Inflation declined to 5.1 per cent
Thousand kilometers of roads are under construction. Another hundred kilometers
United States provided 42 percent of taxes
Jan Aadhaar schemes apply to beneficiaries through
Agriculture, education and health sector
4 crore by 2022 in the villages, towns, construction of 2 million homes
Soon we reach double-digit growth.
Electricity in every home by 2020.
Each  toilets, drinking water will.
24 hours of power every home comfort.
Economic development and public partners
Crucial role in the economic development of
India Of the growth of the world believes
Foreign exchange reserves have reached US $ 340 billion
Poverty alleviation, employment priority
budget specifies the Indian economy.
There is no need to be fulfilled the hopes of the people.
To end the corruption of the people gave a clear verdict.
12.5 crore families Yojana janadhan
 6 crore to build toilets.
Budget decade, the Indian economy will be
Direct cash transfer will be introduced soon
with effect from April 1, 2016
GDP growth was 7.8 per cent, it will grow ..
Current account deficit 'You
Increasing the value of the rupee.