TS Telangana Genco, Transco Assistant Engineer Govt Jobs 2015

TS Telangana Genco, Transco Assistant Engineer Govt Jobs 2015: Telangana Genco Transco Assistant Engineer (AE), sub-engineer recruitment notification will be released. AE jobs by 1948, 733 sub-engineer jobs may be replaced. The good news is that the long-awaited engineering candidates for employment advertising government jobs telangana. Ready-to-date employment practice proper planning easy check more info at telangana government website.

Government jobs recruitment Electrical, communications, instrumentation, mechanical branches ei jobs they are completed B.Tech. Electrical Branch 70 per cent of the jobs, jobs, 30 per cent of those in the rest of the branches may be available. Engineering Diploma candidates are eligible for sub-engineer jobs in government jobs in telangana.

Apply for government jobs:

Written test: 100 marks in the written examination. Answers to realize over the course of two hours. Objective multiple choice questions. There are no negative marks.

Analysis-based questions:
Similar questions can be found in the syllabus achieve a full grasp of engineering.

Eg: effect in power system is due to?
 1) Inductance 2) Capacitance
 3) both Induction and Capacitance
 4) Resistance, Inductance and Capacitance

 Ans: 3

Application-based questions:
The concept of engineering .. Where, Why is applied had knowledge of the subjects that may answer the questions of this type.
TS Telangana Genco, Transco Assistant Engineer Govt Jobs 2015

 Which of the following motor is used in Computer printers?
 1) DC series motor 2) Universal motor
 3) Stepper motor 4) Compound motor

 Ans: 3

Trouble shooting, error corrections questions .. .. Applications fall into any of the Troubles? How to recovery? How to errors corrected? Questions and other issues.

 If DC Shunt generator is failure to build up voltage then the reason is .....
 1) Presence of Residual Magnetism
 2) Reversibly the field terminals
 3) Speed ​​is less than critical speed
 4) either 2 or 3

 Ans: 4

Telangana Government Jobs 2015:

Telangana Govt Jobs Electrical Engineering :

Electrical circuits, electrical machines, power systems, analogue circuits, such as the items are important in the control system. Most of these questions are likely to come.

General questions, so New ability, reasoning attain issues. In relation to the preparation of standard textbooks for every subject, Objective Study Material, use the old question.

The syllabus is based on the daily plan, it should be in accordance with the study. What is the result if the subject does not attain the objective of Practice practice questions. After reading a subject, and write separately to the principles. Each subject should be at least 500 objective questions to practice.

Electrical Power Systems, 25 percent, 25 percent, Electrical Machines, basic electrical circuits to 15 per cent, 35 per cent of the marks from the rest of the syllabus , gate questions should be studied. Unfortunately develop sufficient understanding of all  read four or five subjects.