How to Save Tax form ELSS Funds Last chance in This Year

How to Save Tax form ELSS Funds Last chance in This Year: March is the perfect time. June 31, the end of the financial year. 2015, 2016 and 2017 It is down to the fact that the income tax savings of up to do since the beginning of the financial year. Income tax return based employees, net income is difficult to rely on professionals income tax refund immediate cash flows should be planning since the beginning of the year. This is a reference to the expert.

What is income tax  page regularly cover the profit under Section 80 C of Rs 1.5 lakh this year is no exception with income tax department content is tax-exempt under section income tax website know the detail. However, some of the 'Next then' Attitude of the year until the directorate of income tax undertake any kind. But what about those who As a last resort, they are income tax forms to reduce the tax burden That if income tax site Profit is the main story this week ...

Total investment can be done at once

From 8.5 to 9.2 per cent of the cost of interest also

ELSS everything else except for the lower risk

Cool ELSS high yield markets

Public Provident Fund:

This scheme was introduced in 1968, the central government support. Any age, whichever nearby bank or post office account can be opened either. However, a person must have an account. In a year, the deposit may not exceed a maximum of Rs 1.5 lakh. This does not excuse the total tax. Also of interest is not. As of March 31, the amount of the interest paid annually. Also continue to increase at a rate of up to five years after a period of 15 years. Loans can be taken in this regard. You can also withdraw a certain amount of the next six years. Every year it is necessary to make the deposit. If the account is not in any one year, the minimum amount of deposit is de-activated. If you want to activate it again pay the penalty at the rate of Rs 50 per year. Normal income tax india without a retirement fund to receive a large amount of time, it is very important.

National Savings Certificates:

The central government backed off savings certificates can be purchased in any income tax returns. Five years, ten years, can be long-term. Income tax form that we have on the value of the maturity of the certificate. For example, assuming Rs 1,000 less than the value of the certificate amount (depending on length) are sold out. Maturity date income tax online word income tax online Rs 1,000. It is also available as loans. If you're in need of funding for the construction of the country's independence in 1950, the central government has made large-scale campaign.

In fact, five or income tax calculator went straight to the period after the purchase of certificates ... again re-invest the money that the income tax is likely to be fully accessible. For example lakh per year for at least five years from the sixth-maturity investment by ... income tax calculator the sake of money invested in certificates back. If you do not have to work with the new tax savings to invest the money for the other. Income tax efile arm some money when it comes to mature.

How to Save Tax form ELSS Funds Last chance in This Year
Senior Citizens Savings Scheme:

The program, launched in 2004, near the centre of the post office or to the launch of the National Bank. Anyone over the age of 60 are eligible for this scheme. By voluntary retirement at the age of 55 can open it. The defence sector employees, regardless of age, however, is likely to commissioning. The five-year lock-in-period after the close of the year, no matter what ... it is possible that a small penalty. Last year, the interest rate has been revised since April 1.

Bank fixed deposits:

If any scheduled bank ... anywhere in the five-year period, the tax applies to fixed deposits. Currently, banks are offering interest rates of 8.5 per cent to 9 per cent. The interest rate will vary depending on the bank. This compounding interest will be three income tax filing. This amounted to 8.5% interest rate, for example, if the deposit if lakh to Rs .1.52 online income tax the next five years. Another Rs .1.54 efiling income tax approaching the 8.75 per cent interest. 9 online income tax return comes in addition to the 2 finger. However, for a period of five years, from 8.4 per cent interest rate being offered a post office time deposit scheme, are also coming. They will have the opportunity to make the deadline, but do online income tax payment tax benefits, while the interest is lost.

Equity Linked Savings Schemes:

Income tax dept this policy to offer open-ended funds. If that is the word, then this scheme provident funding. If we are to invest in the stock market, which we return in investment markets how to calculate income tax even better. Diversified funds, which are similar. Something that is a employee provident fund india, but not limited to a provident fund the sake of the fund manager to invest in stocks indicated. In this scheme, the investment tax exempt up to a maximum lakh. investing take on these loans.

Also, three years before being able to exit. Employee provident fund opt to invest in any fund experts are a few suggestions. They are ...

soon to say what the agent without having to invest in making sure that the funds Cool track record. ... The sight of their three-year track record in the top-3 funds invest in is advisable to choose. 

However, nothing guarantees that the past performance and future types of investments !! The best way to do the same thing anyway.

Funds with a track record of less than three years return on investment better avoided.

less than Rs 300 crore fund assets is also advisable to how to invest in stocks. Fact Sheet, if these funds were investment banker know it.