Telangana Employees Unique Card Online Status

Telangana Employees Unique Card Online Status: Telangana government employees in the unique (special) is set to issue the cards. Finance Minister domestic indices recently integrated financial management system are part of the allocated. Based on this, the full details of an employee's retirement from joining wherever it can find it online, official sources said. The details of the government employees' wages every month, the number of employees in retirement, was that the position will provide from time to time Download Permanent Health Cards from Telangana EHS.

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Telangana Employees Unique Card Online Status

health card scheme for government employees would no longer have yet to be fully implemented for another 2 months (until the end of February), the government decided to continue with the Medical Medicaid, the health department has issued Monday, necessarily. Medical Health cards will be in effect said that the Government order.

Other highlights of this Government Order ..
Financial, medical, health departments, with the qualified employees, pensioners and health cards to give to everyone.
Corporate hospitals, the hospitals and health  identity cards for employees, pensioners healing ensured financial, medical, health departments, measures must be taken Aarogyasri Trust. Medical Director with the Aarogyasri Trust to discuss the management of the hospitals.
More details of the trade unions, the steering committee meeting will be set up soon to receive complaints.

Health by the Department of Finance at the employees, their family members, such as Aadhaar numbers to give all the details Aarogyasri trust. If the employee details by the Finance Ministry, has been delayed because there was .. Employees Healthcare Scheme portal for employees, pensioners  enter the data directly.