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Land Registration AP | Andhra pradesh Land Registration Details in Meeseva: AP Registration Land Details Records All the details AP Land Survey and Records Adangals, FMB, Tippan, Pahani, ROR for a quick solution to the problems of land collector doctor said.  from the on Tuesday,  video conference held by many factors. Transfer of land, land rights records , mid-day meal scheme consumption, the results of the tenth grade, food safety and other aspects of the review process of the cards.  Speaking on the occasion, said that for a quick resolution of appeals revenue department services available in meeseva application status to find the ap land records.

AP registration department In the last 45 days solve their range. Currently within the 58 to 12 range are pending. Wednesday clearance from the files of the Week (File solving ) initiated at that time, was ordered to deal with the pending land registration details files. JC assigned to the mid-day meal scheme, under any circumstances abuse. Records suggest that irregular conduct in relation to the rice., other prefecture-level officials to adopt divides within their schools, these schools are working to increase academic said. The results would have to achieve hundred percent of tenth grade.  have set up special classes for students in the evening hours.

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Land registration details in ap Suggested to provide the students with the cooperation of the local people in the evening snack. Education of disadvantaged students have been asked to take special care to recognize those teachers. 70.300 food security in the district of 52,300 cards, cards, data entry is complete, and the remaining 13 to be completed by March 12, 14, 15 is going to be delivered on. 36.728 students in the class written tests, school holidays this month has been wallpapers from 10 to 15, he said. , BC  social welfare officer attended.

To speed up the process of ap land survey distribution by the collector to speed up the process of land distribution could bei. The meeting was held on Tuesday evening at the district  planned to buy the land. Speaking on the occasion, the collector should speed up the collection of land within the zones. Revenue, 
SC Corporation, the groundwater to work in coordination with authorities. Distributed to the beneficiaries of the land is suitable for agriculture, groundwater would have to be made yet to be distributed to the beneficiaries identified in the area, instead of being directed to procure elsewhere.