Book Irctc Tatkal Reservation and seat availability for Sankranti Special Trains

Book Irctc Tatkal Reservation and seat availability for Sankranti Special Trains: It railway festive season. ticket prices have gone up over half of the 80 stock tatkal kota ticket.  basis, half TATKAL ticket quota 'dynamic fare system, Date of journey Reservation and Date of return journey Reservation"the situation was brought under the Railway . festive season targeted traffic  Railway Railway substitution took this train schedule and train timings for Sankranti holiday special trains you may check at irtct official website www.irctc 

Irctc tatkal reservation  for the 50 per cent quota for TATKAL current  After booking, the remaining 50 per cent of the ticket price  Railway Ministry official said.  this month, the 'TATKAL ticket' scheme made available online only Bangalore, Vizag, Nellore, Hyderabad, Ongole, Guntur, Tirupathi, Railway Board (Traffic), a member of the DP Pandey said. This scheme is popular all over the country  80 trains. For this purpose, only five trains each zone is the zone directed said. Tickets block the new fare system risk, according to the Ministry of Railways. Epi-India Express, Hyderabad, Hyderabad-Hazrat Dakshin Express, Secunderabad-Howrah Express  Kacheguda-Bangalore Express, Secunderabad-Patna Express can also be applied to the scheme.

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Book Irctc Tatkal Reservation and seat availability for Sankranti Special Trains
'Dynamic fare system' means: 'dynamic fare system, "according to the current TATKAL quota in the first 50 percent of the tickets are booked. 10 per cent to 20 per cent higher than the ticket is free of charge. For example, , if available, of the 60 seats, 30 of them are common TATKAL ticket  charges. The remaining ten per cent of the 30 seats in the seats, ie, 3 seats, 20 per cent would pay generate additional charge. After that irctc registration, the rest of the 27 seats in the same manner, with 20 per cent additional charge.

In today's rush of passengers from the seven major trains .... Premium TATKAL tickets will be available. Tickets for the 50 per cent premium tatkal tickets South Central Railway TATKAL To transfer. The berth loss to rise as the charges. Patna, AP, Bangalore, Godavari, Darshan, Sabari ExpressPress During this premium TATKAL tickets will be available irctc seat availability. Sell tickets under the dynamic structure of the fair. And the demand depending on ticket prices, the South Central Railway. The e-ticketing irctc availability only in the premium until the present day.