Indian Rupee Currency New One Rupee Note Coming Back

Indian Rupee Currency New One Rupee Note Coming Back: New One Rupee Note 2015 coming 1 rupees note at the front of the decade rupee note ..! With the advent of the use of the dollar coins disappeared in this note. Once again, the coming of the new rupee note. After a 20-year-rupee note  Finance Ministry sources said banned one rupee coins of india.

Note that instead of using the Indigo color .. pink, green color combination  rupee note, official sources said. This note will be signed by the Secretary of the Finance Ministry. While the rest of the notes are signed by the Governor of the Reserve Bank . Rupee note 'Bharat Sarkar', 'Government of India' names published. As well as in the country of 15 rupee note.
Indian Rupee Currency New One Rupee Note Coming Back

After nearly 20 years in the market once again is going to be one rupee note. One rupee note is the government who asked not to repeat any economic reason. But marriage, the name of the festival and the omen of a rupee note to the finance ministry in demand again is forced to print money of Rs.

Money, a finance ministry official told Reuters after a rupee note off is seeking its Lag tar. According to the official, there is a great demand in banks one rupee note. The feedback we have received, not the black market gets its information is also sold at higher prices. Given that it has been decided to print again.

Indian Rupee Currency New One Rupee Note Coming Back
Marriage is very good demand for festivals

According to the banker Ji.aslbindra marriage, festivals is a demand for rupee note. Than those for which the bank will demand. Banks, RBI has consistently invoked demand. According to Bindra rupees note was closed 20 years ago. The cost of printing due to the closure and had to break his fast. But 20 years after the closure is a persistent demand of 1 rupee note, considering the government's decision.

Online sells a rupee note

One rupee note is so demanding that you can buy at higher prices online. Time period in 6000, according to companies such as E-bay a rupee note is being sold at Rs. Note The old, the price is much higher.

Publication of low risk

According to the official, the rupee is less likely to be fake. That's because it costs much less to print. Also worth looking at today's prices even lower value. Due to the counterfeit currency notes from any mesh would not be beneficial for people engaged in rackets.