Deadline to exchange Rs.500, Rs.1000 notes Pre-2005 notes will not work after 30th June 2015

Deadline to exchange  Rs.500, Rs.1000 notes Pre-2005 notes will not work after 30th June 2015:where do you exchange Currency notes, Reserve Bank,time to best currency exchange old notes in india 500rs and 1000rs note free currency exchange at all your nearest government banks. Old currency notes, Exchange of currency notes before the latest deadline of June 30, 2005 The deadline to convert currency notes printed prior to 2005, the Reserve Bank (RBI) has been extended until June 30 next year. In fact, it is due to end on January 1. Rs 500, Rs 1,000, including the full value of the exchange value of the currency notes can be exchanged until June 30, the central bank said in a statement on Tuesday. The old currency notes to be withdrawn from operating bank accounts to deposit them in a bank branches available people change, but the central bank had indicated.

Since the bulk of the old notes have already been operating in this way  RBI said. Additional security features typing the Mahatma Gandhi series of currency notes from nearly a decade since the repeal of the old notes and trying to describe people suffer. In this process, the central bank said it would continue to review from time to time. Prior to 2005, the notes will be printed on the back of them. After that supposed to say to check fake currency printing  notes printed from the additional safety standards.

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Deadline to exchange  Rs.500, Rs.1000 notes Pre-2005 notes will not work after 30th June 2015
Began the process of withdrawal of old banknotes of Rs. 52.855 million worth 144.66 million bank notes were destroyed. In the period from January to October this year, the exchange value of the currency notes of Rs 100 crore, 73.2, 51.85 notes of Rs 500 crore and Rs. 19.61 crore for the Regional Office of RBI in 1,000 notes were destroyed. Prior to the 2005 series of banknotes printed by branches or ATMs or banks, the RBI has already issued a. The actions of the old notes in circulation are present per the RBI said the number would be small.

Near the time of the exchange of currency notes. Prior to 2005, the ten-day deadline to convert printed currency notes. Rs 500, Rs 1,000 currency notes convertible notes, including the Reserve Bank of India has imposed deadline of January 1, 2015. currency notes in front of more than 2005 banks urged the Reserve Bank on January 22 this year.\\1446 crore so far, people have changed the currency. Currency notes made in accordance with the safety standards that did not exist prior to 2005, the government took this decision. Will not be printed on the reverse side of the notes prior to the year 2005. Currency notes printed on the reverse side is printed after the year 2005.