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Send Money Via Facebook at https://www.kaypay.com: Close friends, go to the bank to conduct other business transactions are having trouble? .. In order to transfer the money to transcend time? .. Money Transfer branch to the codes, code, etc. understanding of the subjects, or you? In such cases, however, Facebook can help to transfer money easily. Kotak Mahindra likely to be accommodating.
Send Money Via Facebook at https://www.kaypay.com

Like to register:

https://www.kaypay.com must be entered.
Comes with the option to login with Facebook.
you Facebook account to log in.
Mi bank account to register
You have to give details.
Mi to select the name of the Bank.
Account number, e-mail address, phone number, give.
You must be  id via SMS.

As the cash transfer After registration, you have friends in your Facebook account mi cash get the opportunity.Select the person to send cash account number.to give any information included here.One-time password you will.

Select the bank for option:

SMS shows the process.by following you.
If you enter the password, the cash will be transferred to mobile mi.
If the sender of the cash register at Cape his Facebook
Go to information.
You'll need to register in person within 48 hours.
Ok, but if there is going to return your money in your account.

References this provision is only just 28 banks. is working 24 hours a day.

Money sent Rs. 2,500 per month, it is possible to transfer cash of Rs 25 thousand only. Rs 25 thousand a month by the way i will ever receive the amount.

24 hours will complete the transfer of your cash. Your name but, if you would like to transfer their name but, Bank  code, Branch code, but do not need.

Safe due to true secured password system.system. Kotak Mahindra  transactions will operate from the server.

For example : MMID SBI SBI account, but that should be typed in the message to 9223440000.
You have to be registered at the time of opening an account with any number bank from it you will need to message.

Bank Mobile Banking link up your phone should be.
Each bank will have a message for may be. The corresponding number of the Bank's name will you choose.

Seven digits of your mobile mmid (mobile money identifier) ​​- comes.After entering the option to save and continue to be entered.

The Register your account.