Money Transfer via twitter Send Money Worldwide

Money Transfer via twitter Send Money Worldwide: Another point of sending money from other is now easier in many ways. Now this was another tool. soon be able to send money via Twitter. Therefore, France Of the micro-blogging site with a large bank Joins with the pair. Once this is done .. no tweets Send the money through  the Bank of France, the second largest. Apart from the advertising The rest of the money by way of the bank showed Twitter ideas.

Send Money Transfer via Twitter:

Money Transfer via twitter Send Money Worldwide
Mobile phones, in the process of sending money through the App Face Book legends such as Twitter competes. The services offered by banks to customers for a few decades now says it may have to be or fleas. French citizens bank officials said the new system money

They also have a bank account and the bank account details of the beneficiary are not the other details of their Twitter account is insufficient, Simple money as said by a tweet.

Twitter, French bank team up for money transfers via tweets easily way.