Want to Send Messages into Outer Space!

Want to Send Messages into Outer Space: Have we sent into space brief messages have to send pictures? Space technology has to say about the prophecy? However, this is a rare opportunity for the machine by the American space agency NASA is going to be owned by you. Space this alone. Twitter 'Osiris-Rex'  to the time capsule, tweets, photos offerings. Last year, in the space research, space technology by 2023 to select a topic.
Send Messages into Outer Space!
Of these, however, 50 tweets, 50 photos, only NASA selects future expectations. Put them in a time capsule, and the capsule of the Osiris-Rex spacecraft sent to space in 2016 to set up. 1,760 feet of the spacecraft, the size of the asteroid, named Ben joined in 2019, on a two-year study. To carry out investigations on the ground after  60 grams of the material collected by the end of 2023 brings us to the Earth. Then open the time capsule, tweets, photos, NASA scientists expectations. Who put any messages? It is estimated that possible? None of them were realized? Named as prior.