Telangana Public Service Commission (TPSC) 2014 Employment Notification Jobs Recruitment

Telangana Public Service Commission (TPSC) Notification Jobs Recruitment 2014 Employment News and Latest UpdatesTelangana state Public Service Commission (tpsc) has approved the creation of a Ga Narasimhan. The orders were issued by the government will be formed soon TPSC. To compensate for the jobs that  division of the state law that was in charge of the Combined eyeing. However, the first cabinet meeting of the state government took the decision to establish the state Public Service Commission. According to officials of the file by the Chief Minister, the Governor recently sent for approval. 

Telangana Public Service Commission (TPSC) 2014 Employment Notification Jobs RecruitmentImage has the approval of the governor . Chairman of the Commission on the basis of government orders,  members. Unemployed looking for a job to replace the process of formation of Telangana tpsc speed. More than 15 posts are likely to be replaced by TPSCalmost expect to be unemployed. The Commission has been the chairman of the campaign is to be. Clearly this order is likely to release an official statement. 

Gazetted Officers Association welcomed TPSC Telangana Gazetted Officers Association, chairman of the Governor's approval of the dressing, MLA, chief Mamata general secretary S expressed elation. Service Commission to develop policies, to obtain the approval of the Governor of Siem Reap cuparannaru care about them. The announcement will be made ​​as soon as possible to benefit the unemployed, said that the notification of vacancies. Potential members of the Commission to appoint the members of the honorary officers, they will be asked to appoint the secretary of the female officer.