Microsoft Windows 10 Latest version OS Soon

Microsoft Windows 10 Latest version OS Soon: The field is set for the new version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Latest version 8.1 of the windows. And the name of the upgrade to the Microsoft Windows 10 to set the stage for the release of the reports said. The company primarily in the newly released version of  Windows 10 Microsoft Windows Download Soon for more information about features, requirements wanted for desktop, laptop and all the using windows gadgets. Windows 8.5 or even primarily a different name or anything else Not yet clear whether from Microsoft. 

Microsoft Windows 9 Latest version OS Soon

Windows 10 Release date, News and Features Form Microsoft 

Estimates of the changes that are coming online in a variety of new windows. The most important of these are thought to be unique to them at the start menu. Windows Start menu special. In the absence of the Start menu in Windows 8, many people have expressed dissatisfaction. After that, with the start menu option on the Microsoft Windows 8.1 was released. It is also expected to be the star menu in Windows 10. Virtual Desktop is also expected to feature. Overall, more Microsoft Desktop  experts estimate. This new version of the end of September Expected to be released.