How to Use WhatsApp Payment Reward Like Paytm and Google Tez

How to Transfer money to the bank through WhatsApp:

WhatsApp, popular in the messaging app, wants to impress more Indian customers with the UPI-based payments feature WSAP is well-known in the messaging app and wants to impress more Indian customers with the UPI-based payments feature. WhatsApp is also testing the payments feature in India. This new feature seems to be available to IOS and Android WhatsApp beta users. With this feature brought by Watsap, the UPI is based on the payment of money to the other, and the other can get cash by users. Currently, the feature is available for iOS 2.18.21 WAP and Android 2.18.41 version. With the recent increase in digital payments in India, WhatsApp has decided to give more customers a chance to offer a payments platform.

What are the Offers in Whatsapp Payment App Craz Or What:

The WhatsApp Payments feature was first spotted in Gizmo Times. Users can access this feature in the chat window. This option will be available along with other options such as gallery, video, and documents. Clicking on the payments will open a disclaimer window. It also has a list of banks. Users have to choose a bank account linked with the UPI. If you have not yet utilized the UPI Payments Platform, you need to create an authentication pin. Additionally, you need to create a UPI account through the UPI App or through the relevant bank website.
How to Use WhatsApp Payment Reward Like Paytm and Google Tez
For the successful completion of the transaction, both cash receivers and receivers must have a WhatsApp offer payments feature.

Download Pattadar Passbook - Web land Details at BHU - SHODHAK app

Download Pattadar Passbook - Webland Search Status at Boo Shodhan android app:

How long does it take to get a book? A day .. two days .. a week or so .. can not be .. years .. months .. normalizing us .. otherwise it was not going to be passed in. Everything was in the hands of the revenue. Farmers were moving around the office to lag. But it's all in the past .. if you're going to book now you're ready in 15 minutes .. Do not be surprised .. Do you know how to read this article...

A certificate is required .. To make a current bill .. To connect with Aadhar number. Right to vote .. Only one word that everybody can hear is Mee Seva .. All services are currently available in Mee Seva and we are not working with government offices. What is required is applied to Mee Seva. After the expiration of the expiration is coming. As a part of this, the government is also increasing Mee Seva. Now there is no need to turn around the Mandala office to get the passbook. Apply in Mee Seva Andra Pradesh Hyderabad Arunachal Pradesh Itangar Assam Dispur Bihar Patna Chhattisgarh Raipur Goa Panaji Gujarat Gandhinagar Haryana Chandigarh Himachal Pradesh Shimla Jammu and Kashmir Srinagar and Jammu Jharkhand Ranchi Karnataka Bangalore Kerala Thiruvananthapuram Madya Pradesh Bhopal Maharashtra Mumbai Manipur Imphal Meghalaya Shillong Mizoram Aizawi Nagaland Kohima Orissa Bhubaneshwar Punjab Chandigarh Rajasthan Jaipur Sikkim Gangtok Tamil Nadu Chennai Tripura Agartala Uttaranchal Dehradun Uttar Pradesh Lucknow West Bengal Kolkata.

Passbook can get like this ...
The farmer must register as a customer in a website. Similarly, Aadhaar number should be connected to a Webland number. The petter passport should be obtained by visiting the farmer or the pedestrian in the service center and validating the land record by filling the application form and keeping their fingerprints. Passport papers will be printed with account Aadhaar number in the wetland based on the village. Only the corresponding farmer's land is printed in this passbook. The quorum code is provided for each passbook issued by Mee Seva.

Special Android App
Bhu Shodak, an Android app, is made specifically for the passenger passbook. If the scan of the QR code in the passbook is scanned, is the green tick mark document true? The passbook issued by Mee Seva, the unique number, the quorum code is mandatory. Only tehsildar digital signature geocodes are available only through Mee Seva. The signature of tahsildar in the printed title deed was invalid.
The farmer's well-being
The applicant must make biometric. If you have a fee of Rs 25 in Mee Seva you can get a printed book in PDF form. This Passbook is valid because the tahsildar digital signature exists. They comprise the Webland, Atoms, and also form code as an electronically titled Deed cum patadar passport. Can be downloaded for free. Fingerprint applications have now come to 11. Passbooks are provided to farmers in Mee Seva through 923 fingerprints.

Amma Two Wheeler Scooter Scheme in Tamilnadu - How to Apply 50% Subsidy on Scooters in TN

Amma 2 wheeler Bike scheme 50% Subsidy on Scooters in TN Apply Check Status:

The Memorandum of Convocation Campaigns, which started Monday, led to the provision of driving licenses for women firstly to benefit from the Amma bike scheme. On February 24, Jayalalithaa Jayanti Jayanti Jayanthi will be offering 50 percent subsidy for women who are doing private jobs for a bicycle scheme. From Monday to February 5, campuses were provided to government offices in these areas.

How to apply Amma Two Wheeler Scheme Application Form Download – 50% Subsidy on Scooters in TN:

Many of the women who submit their memoirs are not even interested in obtaining applications because of the rules that require a driving license. The camps went out of the way. Women have asked for a bicycle with a subsidy, with a driver's license, and a certificate of ownership in private companies, who will be in the age of 40.

Application Form (Rural) in PDF: Check Here

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Driving Licence Link to Aaadhar Card Online Process Method

Aadhar Card Link to Driving Licence in Online Process:

A committee on Wednesday told the Supreme Court that the Center is trying to link the driving licenses with Aadhaar. Former Supreme Court Judge Former Justice KS Radhakrishnan has set up a committee on road safety in the past. The committee submitted its report to the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

How to link Aadhar card in driving license online:

On November 28, the committee told us that they had held a meeting with the Road Transport and Highways Ministry's Joint Secretariat and that the Aadhaar intervention would be ready soon to duplicate fake licenses. The National Informatics Center (NIC) is designed to make software available. The committee said in its report that the center will begin to work with the Aadhaar in all states as soon as the software becomes available.

Driving licenses will be issued only if the Aadhaar card is available. At present, there is no obligation to include the Aadhaar card in the license issuance. Licensor's comprehensive information is available.
Driving Licence Link to Aaadhar Card Online Process Method
The Transport Department considers that this would be implemented as the risk of causing casualty cases could be facilitated. In the past, the Department of Transport has also canceled this offer. The authorities have decided to make driving licenses mandatory as banks and other transactions are attached to each of them.

Real Estate Regulatory Authority Registration Online Status at

Real Estate Regulatory Authority: Real estate companies have access to online, new home projects and layouts. For this purpose, the government launched the 9'9cc i-website. These measures have taken place as part of the Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA) implementation. The website of the municipal and urban development department, Karikal Velavan, started at Reha's office at Vijayawada RTC Complex. The construction area is over 500 square meters and each structure exceeding 8 flats comes under the scope of the rega. Curriculum advised businesses to start advertising, brochures, and marketing activities to get the registration number.

Official Website of RERA Uttar Pradesh:

Official Website of RERA Rajasthan:

Official Website of RERA GUJRERA:

Official Website of RERA ANDHRA PRADESH:

Official Website of RERA Karnataka:

Official Website of RERA Maharashtra:

Official Website of RERA goa:
Real Estate Regulatory Authority Registration Online Status at
The Real Estate Registration Number is mandatory for all types of advertisements, or whether the real estate regulatory authority has the power to impose a penalty. Do people have a registration number in construction companies before purchasing houses and houses? Whether or not? Suggested to make sure. The buyers can complain from the website for errors and violations. If you have questions, please mail to

Dharani Website: Telangana Pattadar Passbook Land New Registration and Download

Telangana agricultural land Pattadar passbooks 2018 at 'Dharanai' website:

There will be new pass books for agricultural lands in the state. The distribution of these distributions throughout the state has reached. Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao announced on March 11 that all new papers will be distributed to farmers in all villages. It has revealed that the president or prime minister will be invited to deliver a new passbook distribution program. The 8-hour long review was held in Pragati Bhavan on the reforms in the registry process issued by passbooks. The Chief Government Advisor Rajeev Sharma, Chief Secretaries of Chief Minister S Narsingh Rao, Santhakumari, Secretary Smita Sabharwal, Revenue Chief Rajeshwar Tiwari, Meesawa Commissioner Gita Venkateswara Rao, National Institute of Smart Government GM D. Sridhar and senior manager Sudhir Goli participated in the meeting.

It analyzed the results of the state-run land acquisition purges. Speaking on this occasion, KCR said that in the history of Independent India only Telangana has been undertaken by the purely land records. "This is the mission of the country. The land details are now available at the government. We are preparing new passwords with these details. All the details of the land are registered on the website of Core Banking. We have deduced the name 'Dharanai' to this land website. We are bringing out a clearer new regressive system that does not have any impact on corruption. " The new registrations system will also be implemented from March 11. Registration activities will be started on the same day Mandal Revenue offices. Within the revenue department, there is no longer the land management and registration process. Mr. Wakati Karuna, who is the Director of Land Administration for further coordination between the two branches, has been given additional responsibilities as Registration Department Commissioner.

'Part A' Success .. Soon 'Part Be' CM KCR said that part-a-day cleansing of land records across the state has been successful. Nearly 90 percent of land in rural areas has been clarified that the owner of the land has been cleared. Based on these details, the new pass books are issued and the Crop Investment Support Scheme will be implemented. In the case of court cases, other disputes and objections, the part-bills will be resolved. The government has to take some policy decisions to take part-band it will soon be convened by the Cabinet. Participants in agricultural sector account for about 71 lakhs and all new passbooks.

'Dharanai' on the lines of Core Banking The State KCR said that the state government will conduct the 'Dharani' website by registering changes in every state of the acreage in the state. This website is being run on Core Banking mode and is specifically designed to set up an IT division. Registration details and name conversion details will be registered on the same day, from the Mandal office to the State level at all levels. Those who are abroad can also sell and sell information through 'Dharani'.

The goal is to eliminate corruption and counterfeiting The Chief Minister said that the new Chief Minister of the country is taking new reforms with the objectives of land sales, registrations, land records, 100 percent transparency, preventing corruption and preventing fake passbooks. "Farmers, people often suffer the pain of revolving around government offices. Just go to the registration office simultaneously. The passbook should be reached by courier in their home. Their work should be completed in one day without going to anyone. There should be no regulation of corruption in the form of corruption. The fraudulent passbooks are also fraudulent by the government. That's no longer possible. The government will make land records manageable. That's why we're taking reforms. Everything is recorded in 'Dharani'.

Sub-registrar is responsible The CE has decided to provide the registration for each zone revenue office to enable the farmers to be available to others. There are about 141 Sub Registrar offices in the state and 584 mandals in the state. Sabrijitar will be handed over to the Tahsildars in other places while maintaining them. The Tahsildars are obliged to register for five days a week, except Saturday, Sundays and other holidays. If they can not attend the emergency situations, those responsibilities are handed over to deputies.
Dharani Website: Telangana Pattadar Passbook Land New Registration
Registration in 'Slot' manner There will be no longer a slot on the land dealings of land deals. That means passports and vehicles are sold as registrations, and the buyers have to take time at the sub-registrar after receiving mutual consent. They have to pay the license fee for licensed document writers and register their registration through the written papers.

How to use Reliance Jio Coin Buy and Sell

Jio Coin Crypto Currency People who do not know about stock markets have tried to get a bit of bitcoin this year. Those who are not aware of the investment are also forced to invest in bitcoin. This is all because of the bitcoin that runs. Today, the investors who think that this is a non-understandable item is now going to fall.

what is Reliance Jio Coin?

This Jio Coin cryptocurrency, which moved around $ 1 billion in early 2017, has reached a level of 20,000 dollars by the end of the year and made the whole world smash. That is, 1,900 percent increase. In the seven years, it has become the only asset that has grown more than 44 lakhs.
Moreover, the market capitalization of several companies like Bo Gates, Warren Buffet, and many other countries have gained the GDP in the face of a number of other countries, such as Boeing, PepsiCo and McDonald's. Bitcoin futures have also sparked the giant stock exchanges that have gained in the future. Bitcoin futures trading has recently started on the Chicago Stock Exchange. Nasdaq also had a field of futures in the beginning of the new year.

All Wish You Happy New Year 2018 - Wishes, SMS, Images WhatsApp And Calendar

Happy New Year 2018 Send Wishes, Whatsapp Status, Sms, Images and Quotes in English, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, French, Afrikanns, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Aserbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Cebuano, Chivhewa, Chinese, Corsican, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Frisian, Galicain, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujaratim haitian Creole, Hausa, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hmong, Hungarian, Icelandic, Igobo, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kasakh, Khmer, Korean, Kurdish (kurmanji), Kyrgys, Lao, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luxembougish, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malay, Malayalam, Maltese, Maori, Marathi, Mongolian, Myanmar, Nepali, Norwegian, Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Samoan, Scots Gaelic, Serbian, Sesotho, Shona, Sindhi, Sinhala, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Spanish, Sundanese, Swahili, Swedish, Tajik, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Welsh, Xhosa, Yiddish, Yoruba, Zulu.

2018 New Year in Two Days And we'll keep repeating eighteen times. New Year's greetings are for everyone. The annual festival only once. Enjoy the fun, fun, excitement, excitement and festive occasion. The whole world will be awake once. Jagmantara will be doing for the night of December 31. Shouting, crying, applause, congratulations on the last year of the old year Kakkuthai! New Year's decisions and friends make decisions in every room. Some will run, a few more implementations - like public schemes. There is no risk.

At the bottom of the equator on earth, this one million rupees business runs. Deadline is scheduled for December 31 for implementation of most public private rules. I see many times that any miracle will happen in the end. But nothing has happened, but it has come back to 2017. There is nothing in the new millennium evolutionary moment. But the millennium has become two, so many people have found employment in the software sector. Is it an English calendar.

There are some Kanner in the English year. Chalukuru Archkissa Sriramkam gave me the punishment of the Gunjis with those who told me the greetings. There are special poojas in Hindu temples. Millions of people will fall to see the face of God on January 1. The elders should remember what our myths say. Prahlada was eating and drinking any time to remember. All of us grew up in Christendom in this English calendar. The Shalimar era is heard if you have a radio. Now, are you referring to the Telugu on the good news? We are lunatic and solar besides us. Dharma suspects that any Tamils should follow suit. The preceding events are prevalent with ours; Chaitra; Be sure to subtract the Vadiya Vidya. The direct Narayana, the Sun God, is followed by the English period. Makar infection is annually done on that date.
Different People Different Languages (Stand Together)
Is there a need to bring this new problem to the country when the problems in the country are bundled. Achu is the Telugu proverb that Thachannamma's wife has been born. Datelines on magazines should. Make sure the fats are fat. Between the middle and the middle. Then both birthdays and two lads are wrong. There is not a high month in English. Think!

Book Your JIOPHONE on PRE-BOOKING Today 5.30 Pm at MYJIO APP

The 5 point checklist to help you pre-book your #JioPhone online. Be ready by 5.30 pm today on myjio app at your nearest jio digital life store. #WithLoveFromJio:

The Reliance Jio 4G feature phones will start from today with pre-booking. Those wanting to have a phone can take pre-booking from 5 pm to 5 pm via Reliance Retail Stores, Jio Website, JioApp. The cost of phones is enough to pay the rest of the amount at the time of delivery (in September). The total cost of the purchase of the phone is Rs.1,500 to the customer after 36 months.

Jio Phone Bookings Online and Offline on or Myjio app:

Jio Phone Booking Reliance 4G feature phone 'Jiophone' pre-bookings online, will be launched from today through offline. The company said earlier bookings will start from 5 pm on Thursday. This phone can be booked by Jio.Com along with MyCioApp online. The company claims that Jio Retailers, Multi-brand device retailers, and Reliance Digital stores can be booked as part of the offline. This phone can be booked by paying 500 rupees, while the rest of the Rs 1,000 will have to pay the phone. The company said it would take only Rs 1,500 under security deposit. Three years later, the phone could be returned and the amount could be withdrawn.

How to check the jiophone delivery status:

Afte completed the registration you may get official mail receipt and confirmation message.

Then your jiophone delivery transport tracking will be given in jio jio store.

Jiophone Features supports 22 regional languages, including English. It has 4 GB internal memory (up to 128GB). 2.4-inch screen, 512 ram, 2-megapixel camera on the back, front VGA camera and 2000 mAh battery. With the front camera, you can make video calls. Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook, Google Chrome and Firefox are also available. There are all the apps offered by Jio.

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How to get BHIM App Cashback Offer this August 15th Independence Day

This August 15th Independence Day, the Indian government giving offer big cash backs offer using digital transactions using the Bhim app

Bhim App has prepared the government to give huge cash back offers to customers. These offers will be announced to users who make digital payments with Bhim App during Independence Day. Bhim App maintains the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) with Unified Payments Interface (UPI). Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched this in December to encourage digital payments after the bankruptcy of the bank. NPCI MD and CEO AP Hota said the proposals for the increase in cash bag offers are now before the government. On the same day, Bhim's new version is also available.

How to get cash back from bhim app:

Speaking with a national media company, "More customers are reported to the government to increase the amount of Cash Back Offs to use Bhim App. We are awaiting government approval. By August 15, they are going to come into effect. " Currently, there is cash back offers from Rs 10 to Rs 25. PATEME, Pay, and other Payment Apps are pleased to announce attractive offers by global investors. Beme thinks customers are looking forward to increasing their cash back offer. The government has allocated Rs 450 crore on April 14 to use cash back offer for six months. As of June, there are over 1.6 crore Bhim app users and 40 lakh active users.
How to get BHIM App Cashback Offer this August 15th Independence Day
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